An Open Question To Plex

Hey there, Plex.

Remember when you guys created Victory Mars or Ryuuseioh? Do you have any recollection of intricacies that ignited the fantasies of the kids everywhere (in Japan)? Because lately, now more than ever, I’m curious as to whether or not you’ve any idea what you’re doing anymore with these Super Sentai mechs. Especially when seeing this latest contraption for Goseiger….

….and realizing that, holy Tezuka, you’ve truly sunk to the bottom of the barrel: You’re actually ripping off of yourselves.

There have been people who believe that Goseiger is just a buffer year for Toei, flying under the radar just enough to make money for next year’s series. That would make sense, given its incredibly bland presentation, but look at Go-Onger‘s utter travesty of mech design, or Shinkenger‘s Samurai Haoh (which ultimately got spammed and took away from my initial excitement in its appearance). This isn’t just a case of bad execution; there’s no challenge anymore. No innovations. Nothing to make them more than lumps of interlocking plastic that you’ll eventually sell off on eBay. The art of Super Sentai mech design has dumbed down.

The sad part isn’t that Plex and Bandai are going to get away with this, nor is it that there’s really nothing I can do about it, save me getting a job within their ranks. It’s the fact that once again, there’s something that used to be creative and awe-inspiring that has been simplified where it didn’t need to be. I know it sounds dramatic, but I do sort of feel bad for the future in that case.

Rather than the inner child who grew up playing with the likes of the Galaxy Mega and Oh-Blocker, it’s the aspiring designer in me that just wants to know, “When the hell is it going to get fun again?”

High in (Samurai) Spirits

The first promo for Samurai Sentai Shinkenger just aired. Here it is in glorious Youtube HD:

For once, I actually dig the designs of both team and mecha and find myself wishing for a great series, now more than ever. Then again, if Kamen Rider Decade is a gigantic trainwreck, it won’t even matter how bad Shinkenger is…..

Can you feel your wallet-I mean cosmos burn?!

This has to be the most beautiful toy I’ve seen all year.

What you’re looking at is the Seiya Pegasus God Cloth figure from the Saint Seiya Cloth Myth series. To reveal its origins would spoil the hell out of the finale but damn if it isn’t just gorgeous. According to Collection DX, this sucker has a good portion of it made out of die-cast metal. If that wasn’t sweet enough, the thing comes with a mail-in offer to get the Cloth Myth Athena figure!

…No, I’m not being paid by Bandai to go on about this! This figure is just that damned amazing looking! Don’t believe me, check out the Collection DX view review here:

…then get your ass over to your toy store of choice and throw the money down on the table, Saint Seiya fans, because this sucker’s going fast!