Evangelion Anniversary Blitz (Gone Wrong)

So according to one of my favorite blogs, JeanSnow.net, in the wake of the Neon Genesis Evangelion 10th Anniversary, new bits of merchandise have popped up.

But what could possibly top the Girl Angel figurines?

Graphic Design.

For example;

The Lillith Plate.

What the hell were they thinking? I'm not going to eat out of…

..Oh god that could be turned around SOOOOO badly.

Now this one I might actually like;


A pillow made to look like one of the Angels. If I was taken, this would cry out "Potential Present". Then again, I'd prolly just snatch it for myself cuz it's just that awesome.

Here's the full article via PingMag.

 If you'll excuse me, I'll be in the back waiting and dreading the day somebody gets the idea for Boogiepop Phantom plushes. Namely the bugs from episode 2 that represent people's suffering.


PS: I find it ironic that while writing this Evangelion-related entry, the Hostel DVD commercial with "Ode to Joy" pipes up.


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