Just got back from ACen. I’ll post my report on here soo once I get around to starting to write it but in the meantime, I figured I’d post this here for memories. It’s my thanks to the people that did me a little favor at the con;

Hello all.

Mike here, also known by people at ACen as “The PS2 Guy”, the “Podcast Person” (*points to the link in his signature*) and that guy that broke out into song during the line into the Soap Bubble.

At ACen, I was part of the phenomenon on the 9th floor known as “The Freakin’ Suite II: The Wrath of Khan”, the 24 hour room party with Guiar Hero, DDR (and free booze *coughcough*). Crashed there with my 9 comrades in arms from JAMS and the fun commenced.

Until Friday night.

Some punks decided to take advantage of our generous nature and made off with $700 worth of stuff from the room. Among the items, the micro mouse that was plugged into the guest book laptop, my roommate’s Nintendo DS (mine as well as we later discovered) and my Playstation 2 with Kingdom Hearts II in the system.

We made the discovery Saturday morning when one of my roommates saw that the same decal that I put on my PS2 was on my laptop. Long and short of it, due to late night logic, he spotted two guys walking out with my PS2 and games but let them off as it didn’t click that the system was mine.

Yeah, it sucked.

Because of this, I had to scrap my plans for the evening (including registering and appearing in the Masquerade) to wait for Rosemont Police to show up so I could fill out reports. Myself and everybody in in the room were pissed, so much that we closed off DDR in the upstairs room that night.

I tried warning people on the 9th floor and friends of mine to be on the lookout for the perps and in that, something happened.

It started when The Elevator Club or whatever they called themselves heard of my plight and started a fund to help me get a new PS2. Course it was all change but it still meant a lot. Even more so when they appeared in the suite later on, telling me they hung out in the elevators long enough to gather more change from peeps and telling them my story before getting kicked out.

Then two Excel Saga cosplayers showed up and dropped off gifts from their grab bag after they heard about the story, showing me that indeed, it had been getting around.

As people came into the suite that night to partake of games and drinks, people who heard were donating to the “Fund” and some were even offering to use Scarface-like tactics in order to get it all back (And to those that offered to go that direction, thanks but I’d rather not make a scar out of a scratch ^_^).

Even on Sunday, people were coming up and asking me if there had been any luck in finding the perp and were making last minute donations. By the time I left ACen, I had approximately $50 in change and cash.

Which leads me to the reason why I’m writing this post. Looking now at the Ziploc bag of change and cash, I’m moved and it seriously means a lot to me. At ACen, I saw the worst and best people have to offer. As my father put it, I had a bi-polar weekend; it was either REALLY awesome or REALLY crappy.

Sure some punk made off with my PS2 gear (The case itself in the meantime is having some developments as we speak but I swear, no matter what, I will have resolution) and but in the aftermath, people came together and lent me a hand.

So to anybody and everybody that donated, spread the word, cheered me up or even was just there for me period:

Thank you.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to de-virginize some more DVDs that drained my wallet this past weekend.


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