Sorry that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, lot of other stuff has been popping up and getting in the way ^^

Anyways, as most of you may or may not know, I’m a huge fan of old school anime. I end up not watching the more recent stuff like saaay Bleach or Naruto because of it.

Dancougar, Ideon, Lupin III, Dirty Pair, Project A-ko, Cutey Honey. These names may not mean much to some people or may even make people scratch their heads but those are some of the classics that I either grew up on or discovered over time.

Sure the animation may be shoddy in some parts but it’s the story that really counts and they really made you work for your mecha in some cases. Take Dancougar for instance; the full team is assembled until episode 13-14ish and they don’t even assemble their mecha into the show’s signature character until the series halfway point.

Like I said, makes you work for it.

So imagine the offense to my interests when last week while working at a store for a certain video retail chain (that’s become a ticking time bomb as of late) when a certain customer and I start talking about anime and the following exchange happens when I bring up Lupin III.

GIRL: (Gasps like I just offended her) Don’t even get me STARTED on that show.
ME: (Laughs) What don’t you like about Lupin?
GIRL: It’s not just that, everything from the 80’s and before then is lame.
ME: ….Wow
INNER ME: (Doing impersonation of Albert Finney from Corpse Bride) Fetch me my musket!

Now alot of people may say “to each their own” but when it’s for a vain freaking reason because of the animation quality, that’s like not watching a really really good movie because a small stain on a character’s shirt.

To the vain fangirls/boys out there; Just because you watch Macross doesn’t mean you’re an old school fan (contrary to the belief of another rather angry guy who I tried to help the same day :P) and just because you don’t like the animation doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give stuff that isn’t popular and/or on Cartoon Network a shot.

The 2000+ generation of anime fans that came in during Bebop and Gundm Wing is pretty freaking spoiled by digital cell animation and all sorts of fancy techniques so thus, nothing past a certain date is any good, like the carton of milk that’s spoiled.

Give older stuff a chance, maybe you’ll actually like Aura Battler Dunbine if you just sit down and watch an episode or two.

Glad to have gotten that out of my system. Now if you’ll excuse me, Ideon just got his gun and I need to watch him take out a galaxy..again ^^


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