The Ultimate Yo-Yo

So okay, it’s been awhile but I’ve got some big news.

According to the latest photos from the Tokyo Toy Festival, it appears that a slew of Sukeban Deka merchandise is being released between October and November.

First up we have this.


A 1/1 Scale Plastic Action Version of Aya Matsuura or “K”‘s new Yo-Yo, fresh from Codename: Asamiya Saki. Looks like it’s only going to cost about $17 USD so these suckers may go fast.


In my attempts to make a gag Male Sukeban Deka outfit (only without a sailor uniform and with a guy’s school outfit..whaaat? it’d be cool!) this has become a must on my list.

And the piece du resistance?

The 80’s Yo-Yo and Tekkamen Set.

It comes with 1/1 Scale Plastic Action and Sakura Badge Display Yo-Yos, based on the original versions released back in the 80’s (Hence the name, duh). It also comes with a 1/60th scale version of the Tekkamen/Steel Mask that SD II was forced to wear duringthe first eps of her season.

This set will be relased in November and is on sale for a full-whomping $44 USD. Again, I need to get my hands on this set as I’ve only been able to find replicas of the original yo-yo on Yahoo.Jp Auctions.

So much for my wallet -_-


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