Questions and Answers..Part 2

And ‘ere we go, Part 2 of the Tomino Q and A. Same disclaimers as part one sooo Gundam Fight All Set! REAAAADYYYY! GO!

Fanboy 4: ….I was just wondering how much creative control
Tomino: (Speaks)
Translator: Well actually, I can’t speak for every aspect of production but for every single frame, I personally oversee it.
Tomino: (Speaks)
Translator: Also…all the film editing was done by me.

Schwartz Cosplayer: I wanna ask now that you’ve done Zeta with a happier ending, I was wondering if you’re going to re-do Char’s Counterattack with a happier ending?
(Translator speaks to Tomino)
Schwartz: I was wondering if he’d redo any of the other series he’s directed..
Tomino: (Speaks)
Translator: You’ll have the business people for that one too.

Fangirl 1: (In Japanese)
Translator: One question is that why she combined both the old and new materials. The second is that she was wondering if she could work for the Sunrise Corporation.
(Everybody laughs)
Tomino: (Speaks)
Translator: Well you can work at Sunrise anytime but there is one catch or one element though. You have to find the right timing or the time that you are able make something new. (In other words, know the right time to pitch something)
Tomino: (Speaks)
Translator: Okay the first question which is we combined both the old and new footage. I will give you two reasons…the first one is the budget reputation, we just didn’t have enough budget to make [everything] new.
Tomino: (Speaks)
Translator: Well the second question is the promise of using old footage..we kind of respected the old footage because I think there is some sort of [nostalgia] in it. So, having that, let’s say you can make that whole thing everything new. Probably the outcome [may become totally different] so that is why I liked to retain the content of the old Zeta. Therefore I used more footage of the television show.
Tomino: (Speaks)
Translator: Well it’s not neccesary you know to..make everything..better than the old things…but at this point I’d like to say that doing this…because of combining those two things that it was another challenge I had never thought I’d be [making a page] anime history so this was a great motivation to combine those two elements..
Tomino: (Speaks)
Tomino’s Translator: If you can think of the movie “King Kong”, the old one and the new one, does that mean better or worse? Please think about that.

(NOTE: this was the hardest section to transcribe T_T)


Posting more of Part 2 later on tonight!


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