Here he comes from afaaaaaar…

Recently on HJU there’s been a bit of a clash about the upcoming legal battle between Tsuburaya Productions (TPC) and Chaiyo and the recently revealed trailer for “Project Ultraman”.

With all the arguments going back and forth, I came forward and delivered my take on the situation, no doubt sparking more flames and debates three days from Sunday.

Either way I figured I’d post it here for those who are interested on my take on it.


Alright, time for me to say something…

I remember seeing the original Millenium Ultraman movie trailer and that looked pretty badass. Then I learned the backstory and I got turned off. It was sort of like going to see a movie due to a really awesome trailer and being horribly dissappointed in the end *points to Ultraviolet* XD

The legal battle came and went and it wouldn’t be until a few years later that I would be able to see the documents that Chaiyo waved around for myself. I remember back then being slightly peeved because this meant that any hope of a re-release of Ultraman on Sci-Fi Chanel was really dashed against the rocked (they’ve been approached in the past but they just never did it…if you ask me it’d at least be better than half of their movies ^^;)

The side effects really wouldn’t be all that apparent to me up until a few years ago with my friends in Singapore getting screwed out of getting TPC products due to the ruling. Only good thing to come out of that lapse of time; the 4Kids release of Tiga got canceled as quickly as it came on.

So then Millenium and Dark Ultraman start showing up all over the place; commercials, really bad outdoor live shows (which IMO were just done to say “HAHA! WHOSE YOUR DADDY NOW, BEYOTCH!”) and so on. Basically it was their own version of the Ultra N Project (may that never rise again o_o) only..well…it sucked.

….I mean come on folks, how can you look at the “Dark Ultraman” and not see the obvious lift of Dark Zagi? Only difference is that he retained the face of Millennium -_-

Then they go and do the the Live 3D Ultraman Live Show which sorta seems like a valiant effort to create a character and I think it sorta explains why exactly there wasn’t a full on legal battle when Millennium and Dark first showed up as he was just there for commercial purposes.

But then I saw that Star Wars ripoff commercial they did for the live show…. Was praying to [Insert your deity here] that Lucas would go after them as it was like watching the Indian version of Thriller

So now we’ve got Project Ultraman which I seriously think will never see the light of day as, let’s face it, it’s the final nail in the coffin. I will admit it looked impressive (The only thing I couldn’t get past in this new one was Dark Ultraman’s henshin item. It struck me as sorta flimsy and generic looking)
but then again, so did “Ultraviolet”, “Matrix Revolutions” and alot of other movies that looked good but were crap in the end.

…I know I’m using that angle alot but you get what I mean :P

Anywho, it’s inevitable that Chaiyo will most likely go down in flames and on that day, I’m going to round up my buddies either in Chicago or Milwaukee, go to JP Toys and/or Mitsuwa and buy up as much official Ultraman merch that I can and proceed to have a weekend of marathons and the like. I’d think of it as my own personal Ultra Sign to TPC, minus the beams coming out of my head ^^;

And with that said, I need to get back to work…

*crawls back into the shadows to work on his podcast*


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