I believe in Happy Endings…

Okay I just got back from ACen today. My voice is completely shot, my feet are killing me and I’m about to turn in for the first bit of decent sleep in three days. However, I figured as part of a JusticeACE exclusive, I could reveal two bombshells that myself and the crew from Henshin Justice uncovered.

-After talking with one of the guys at the Media Blasters booth, it’s been revealed that the Sukeban DekaTV series has in fact been licensed by an unknown distributor. One can only hope it’s the same people who are releasing Shadow Warriors on DVD but I’m going to do some digging and see what I can find.

-Keith from HJU reported later on that during the Trigun panel, the creator himself let slip that he might and key word is might be working on a new Trigun anime. I’m sure ANN will probably be mentioning something about this as well but nonetheless, there it is for ya.

With that said, I’m hitting the hay. Take care all!


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