Hell in a handbasket

I’m alright folks. Things have calmed down to a point to where I can finally post again. Hope the rest of you that made it are alright. Here’s how things have been going so far for me.

When the first reports came in, I started to pack up my stuff. I called my folks to try and sway them and they both thought I was overreacting.

Either way, I had to go out job hunting. The day before I finally landed an interview downtown so I went over at around noon. Things were going well until we heard a scream. We both looked outside the door and sure enough. It was one of them.

It’s amazing how there’s a PC term for them now..all while the rest of the world calls them zombies. I call them a pain in the ass.

Anyways, from what I could figure out, somebody gotten bitten on the street and started to turn on the job. Then they just lost control. Anyways, after that, shit hit the fan. It became every person for themself. Complete and utter chaos. Then my “boss to be” shoved me out of the way and locked the door behind her, leaving me and it alone…with the mutilated bodies that it once called co-workers behind it so I guess we weren’t totally alone…Okay bad joke.

Thank god that this wasn’t 28 Days Later or that shitty Dawn of the Dead remake, otherwise, I would have been dead right then and there. Instead it slowly cornered me, me and my chicken-shit nature that prevent me from running. I was face to face with it. It was staring deep into my eyes. Then…it did some rather strange. It…or rather she grazed my cheek. Like it was a blind person trying to recognize somebody. As I stood there, trying to overcome the fear that had taken me over, it hit me.

I went to high school with this girl. She was trying to remember me.

Now I don’t know if she was trying to fight off the cravings for me or something but eventually I managed to slip away from her and make a break from the door and found a way out. As I got out onto the streets, this bus pulled up. The driver just told me to get on and I did.

While we were in transit, letting people on and trying to maneuver past cars, I started thinking of her. The thoughts just flickering like a lightbulb on the fritz. God I hope she’s alright.

The driver told me that he was going to attempt to make a break for the city limits with the survivors he ad picked up, I had no idea where he was going so I tried to get him to drop me off somewhere. Eventually I got him to cave and he dropped me off where I told him to.

He tried telling me that from there, I’d be on my own but I didn’t care. There was only one place I wanted to be right now. The one place I had to go and see if everything was alright; Home.

Already I was thinking Hey, the day can’t get any worse now! I mean I’m sure Dad and I could calm Mom down and figure out an escape plan or something. Yeah! We’ll get Carlos and his wife! I’ll rescue my friends! We’ll beat this thing! We’ll be unstoppable!

That was going to be the plan. My perfect plan. Then it all went to shit the moment I stepped through the door.

Dad got bitten while at work.

At least that’s what I figured out later.

I can’t begin to describe it to you guys, what I felt when I got home. To see my Dad hunched over my Mom’s now bloody corpse. I can’t get it out of my mind…The look of death in his eyes..the same look my old classmate had given me..the eyes that showed me that there was no soul in that body anymore. And the feeling of when I had to run out to the garage and get the chainsaw.

I killed my own father. With my own hands and his chainsaw, I killed my father.

I collapsed screaming and crying, my legs not even wanting to move. I remember my friend Gian who used to jokingly call me “Closet Emo”. Right now, I’d be proving him right but at that moment, the adrenalin flowing through me and I said Fuck it. Let them see me! Just let them try to say something! Just try me and I’ll fucking kill them! From that point, I decided that I meant every word.

When I finally stopped crying, I torched the bodies. Turns out we had some leftover lighter fluid after all. I then got the keys to the Nova and tried to get over to Wal-Mart to get some supplies, namely of the boomstick variety. The store was practically abandoned so I literally just ran in, grabbed a shotgun (I had no idea what to look for..just went off of the movies), some ammo…a 12 pack of Sprite and whatever else I could think of before hauling ass out.

I ran over two Zombies in the parking lot. It felt surprisingly good.

I got back to the house and tried my best to pack everything else up. Three suitcases worth of clothing, books (Mom always said that I had a tendency to bring alot of uneccessary things). I literally just ripped the comps out, cables and all, and threw them into the trunk. Never knew if I ever would get a chance to use one again but I’d be damned if I left my work behind.

And then I kept thinking of her again. I’m easily distracted like that. God I hope she’s alright.

Filled the Nova up and just kept going. Had to maneuver around the roads a bit but they were clearer the farther away I got from downtown. Kept the windows up, my shitty AC on and my music low. I gripped the steering wheel so hard that literally my hands went numb. I just kept driving until it seemed like civilization just stopped. So many things going through my mind at the moment, all I could do was just keep driving. Don’t Stop, I kept thinking, Stop and you’re dead.

I wonder if she’s doing the same as me right now. God I hope she’s alright.

Now I can hear an overturned ice cream truck outside. It’s been going on for about 20 minutes now. I keep expecting to hear the sounds of sugar-crazed kids running to try and buy some..instead of kids, we’ve got zombies. Once again though, I kinda lucked out. I’ve been holed up in this one story house in Racine for now. The house was completely abandoned. From the pictures on the wall, looked like it belonged to a normal family. No clue where they are now. I’m sure that the husband put up a hell of a fight though, looks like he was a marine. Must have been a hell of a father.

And here I go again. I keep getting choked up every now and again but I keep telling myself that I can’t afford to get wrapped up. I keep wishing I had been more persuasive, gotten them to do something sooner or at least I could have gone Bruce Campbell on the ones that bit my Dad. That I could have gotten the two of us together. Nothing would have stopped us then. Maybe then things wouldn’t be so shitty.

There’s no zombie activity out here (cannot believe I just said that) so I should be fine for the time being.

Which is where you come in if you’re reading this. I got all my stuff moved in. They’ve got a garage with an entryway into the house so it was easy and safe, only brought in food and one suitcase in case I had to run again. All the windows are covered with my horrible boarding skills (there was a whole bunch of wood by the side of the house, guy must have built this house with his own two hands). They’ve got a full fridge and a cable connection so I haven’t gone totally insane and starving.

Actually found a link to some zombie photoblogs. To each their own I guess.

If any of you are out there reading this. Please, call me. I’ve still got my cell phone. Reply. Leave some sort of message. I don’t know if I can come get you, I literally have no keys to this place, but I could try to get directions or something. In the meantime, I guess I’ll just blog like crazy to keep myself going and just raid the movies on the hard drive. All with very low volumes I might add.

Please let somebody up there bless some genius with some sort of luck and figure out a way to stop these freaks before anybody else has to do what I had to do. Please let my friends be alright. Please let her be alright. All I’ve got left right now is her. Please goddamnit, let her be alright.

And…that’s all I can think of saying right now. I don’t know how the hell I’m going to sleep tonight.


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