Climax Daze

So okay, on Friday night Tyler and I managed to check out the AAA (Attack All-Around) at Otakon and freaked when they sang Climax Jump live. The following day we head off the Q and A session with a few questions in mind but then this classic moment happened;

FAN: Okay this may be what alot of fans were going to ask so I’m sorry but were you all fans of Kamen Rider before you did Climax Jump
*Room erupts into laughter and cheers*
AAA: (Multiple responses but in a nutshell: When we were younger)
SHINJIRO: *in English* Do you know Kamen Rider Den-O?
*Room erupts into cheers, one guy dressed as Gun Form/RyutaRyou holds up his Terminal Buckle and the members are in awe)
ME: *Doing best Momotaros impersonation that he can* Saisho kara Climax daze!
*The entire band freaks out. Shuta, Shinjiro and Mitsuhiro look straight at me in the front row in awe while Naoya, the group leader does a double take with a smile on his face.. Shinijiro offers me a thumbs up as I go red*

Instant win, right? Wait it gets better.

In the middle of the AAA press conference (where Shinjiro instantly remembered me, saying “AH! Climax Daze!”) , my phone went off as I had forgotten to turn it off in the rush to get to there. I managed to turn it off the first time rather quickly but it goes off again not even 2 minutes after I stop it. I’m frantically trying to turn it off while the press corp, myself and AAA burst into laughter.

ME: *Dramatic tone* Dare ga yonderu (Somebody’s calling me…)
AAA: *All of them burst out laughing, the leader even applauding me*
SHINJIRO: Climax daze!
ME: *turning red* Sumimasen (Sorry!)
*all the members still smiling bow with Shuta saying it’s alright*

According to Tyler (host of Rangercast who was there), after all of that, I’m shameless. To me, after all of that, I regret nothing and I apparently have a new nickname :P


2 thoughts on “Climax Daze

  1. I was the one that used the rider belt on that day and I wasn’t ryuta I was Momo! XD I even ore sanjoued. I did cosplay as the other imagins possessed forms on all the other days. I was going to ask that question about den-o but you beat me to it >.< so i went with why they named themselves Attack All Around. XD I was actually with a Den-o cosplay group. We should have met up and hung out. Maybe next time….after all the Climax never ends~

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