Star light, Star bright…

Something was stirring.

He didn’t know what exactly was on the move or why exactly he had to be there, only that things were about to heat up. Fast.

He looked up at the stars that night. He thought back to when he was younger, he and his friend would climb the tallest tress and watch the night sky for hours on end. He remembered how they both would look their hardest for shooting stars, so that their greatest wishes would be granted.

At the time, those wishes consisted of a everlasting triple scoop ice cream cone and the latest games, both of these would always seem like treasure on some distant island where no man dare travel to. He thought that actually, that everlasting ice cream would be nice right about now.

Then slowly, like always, the memories faded and he found himself pulled back to the present. However, unlike all those other times he was pulled back and reminded that he was an adult, he found himself at the stars and wishing once more. Wishing some herald from the heavens would tell him why this impulse was driving him crazy. Wishing that he knew why the hell he had to be there. Wishing that he knew why exactly she left him after all these years…

All of this, rushing through his mind like images of time lapsed traffic as he threw back another can of wannabe green tea to finish it off.

The only voice to reply to his wish was his own as he muttered another reminder to himself about how the canned green tea tastes like heated up cologne. Almost a memo to himself for future reference.

Tossing the can aside, his source of nourishment now depleted, all he could do was look to the skyline. Back to square one, he thought.

Back to waiting under the stars.


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