I’m a huge fan of the Space Sheriff Trilogy, so much that I’ve got Hiroshi Watari’s autograph hanging from my bedroom door. Like most fans of the Trilogy (or just fans of the Metal Hero genre of Tokusatsu in genera)l, I’ve been waiting for the next big series to come along and revive it. We all know Toei wants to secretly do it; just look at Kamen Rider Faiz for crying out loud. However, a few days ago, we came close to getting our wish…sort of.

GMA-7, the TV Network in the Phillpines best known for ripping off of Sailor Moon, Indiana Jones, Smallville, and their attempt at a Lupin III TV series, announced that they had gotten the rights from Toei to make a sequel series to Uchuu Keiji Shaider. Entitled Shaido, this was going to feature three new heroes…but no actors from the original series. Huh.

It all seemed nice and whatnot…but then this happened.


Toei got wind of the outcry of negative reactions from the fans; I’m guessing it was namely from the hardcore fans in the Philippines, those who got wind of it in Japan (coughcough2CHcoughcough), and GMA’s track record. Anyways, they just as quickly yanked the rights back, firing their very own Big Magnum at GMA-7. And there was much rejoicing.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean that the series will be stopped. No, in fact this is now going to be treated as a sequel/side story to Shaider and is now titled Zaido.

Seems slick, huh?

…I didn’t think so either.

The promo video has been taken down but from what I’ve seen, I’m getting a bad vibe about the whole thing. Not just because of the track record of GMA but because…well…it looks cheaper than Season 1 of Power Rangers. I’ll just have to wait and see until then.

The story isn’t over just yet though as apparently, not too long ago, some “Insider” claimed that ABS CBN 2, (another network in the Philippines) was set on making a remake of Hikari Sentai Maskman. There’s been no news about that for awhile but I wouldn’t be surprised if they follow through if Zaido becomes a hit.

Otherwise, it looks like the proper Metal Hero series is going to remain dormant until Toei suddenly decides that they need more money. Looks like I’m just going to have to play Uchuu Keiji Tamashii over and over…that is if I actually owned it T_T

Till the next.


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