“You should smile more” “…Yeah, that isn’t happening.”

Eva Platinum

ADV Films presents the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: PLATINUM PERFECT COLLECTION, compiling the popular anime series in a collectible tin. This commemorative collection also includes all the extras from the original individual disc releases. This limited edition release will hit store shelves November 27, in plenty of time for the holiday gift-giving season. EVANGELION is widely regarded as the most popular anime show ever, and it was recently named by both Anime Insider and Newtype USA as the top series of all time. Now with EVANGELION beginning its broadcast run on [adult swim] October 20, hundreds of thousands of new viewers will soon discover this modern classic for themselves.

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: PLATINUM PERFECT COLLECTION (SRP $129.98) is a DVD-only release including the entire groundbreaking series thin-packed in a collectible tin case, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 5.1 with English subtitles. This collection contains every video extra produced for the original single disc release of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION PLATINUM.

……….So, let me get this straight ADV; You hold back the fancy Anniversary Box Set for two years, have me waste 50 bucks on the Thin-packed release of the first Platinum set that didn’t have the extras, only to shiv me in the back by putting all the stuff back in and charging 130 bucks for the same set?

Damn you T_T


One thought on ““You should smile more” “…Yeah, that isn’t happening.”

  1. I know a huge Eva fan who just sank 50 bucks into the platinum thinpak set. She will NOT be pleased.

    Give it another two years and they’ll probably put out a “Super Megassa Ultimate Rhodium Perfect Edition” or something. As long as the stone bleeds, ADV will be there to wring it dry.

    Salve lucrum!

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