MOERU MOE DENSETSU! (Burning Moe Legend-Wait, What?!)

So thanks to Daryl Surat, I have stumbled upon another great truth, rivaling the revelation that anything involving Cory Yuen and Jason Statham will always suck (I still want my money back for War dammit). Take the most popular moe titles right now, switch the protagonist from a “Walking Pillar of Turn Ons” into a badass man with a burning soul and fists of iron, and you will end up with the following.

Haruhi Epic

Pretty Cure -> MUSCLE CURE
Lucky Star -> MUSCLE STAR
Moetan-> MANLY-SAN
Ouran High School Host Club> OURAN KOREAN WAR FIGHT CLUB
Dears -> (NO) FEARS
The Meloncholy of Suzumiya Haruhi -> The Fist of Suzumiya Kenshiro
Card Captor Sakura -> CARD BRAWLER SAKURAI
Rozen Maiden -> G.I. JOE Manly Adventure Hour

There’s more on the thread Daryl found this on here.

Till the next, my fists are crying to see The Fist of Suzumiya Kenshiro.


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