FRIDAY ACE: Trailer Park Edition – Week of 11/11/07

Okay, going to take a stab at doing a regular end of week feature on here as to try and keep this thing alive. That and to not clutter up things with a flurry of entries on days like this. So here are some things you might want to know…

-Footage from The Forbidden Kingdom is now online.

I’m divided about this one, as much as I look forward to Jet Li and Jackie Chan teaming up and hopefully duking it out, I can’t help to shake those horrid memories of War and Rush Hour 3. Can this film redeem the both of them in my eyes and not manage to suck?

-At the same time, the first proper teaser for Hideo Nakata’s Death Note Spin-Off, L: Change The World, is now online.

Originally this seemed like a good idea…then story elements started to come out. First, instead of being slick and having it occur before Death Note, it’s set after the events of The Last Name, specifically during L’s 23 day time limit. I can live with that. After all, this is Hideo Nakata we’re talking about here. He can make this work.

Then this trailer comes online and RIGHT when my interest is at its peak…they show the damned notebook.

I’m still going to try and see this but if the killer had better not turn out to be another “Note” user. Apparently a famed mystery author penned the script, granted they’re only credited as “M” for this one as they wanted the film to be recognized as Death Note and not their work. Still, there’s still hope. Don’t let me down, Nakata-san.

-And to end this on a bit of a high note:

The English Language trailer for Appleseed: Ex Machina.

John Woo and Shinji Aramaki. A combo made in animated heaven. Cannot wait to see this one, too bad that we have to wait till Spring of next year to see it. C’mooon theatrical release!

And finally some interesting news bits to go out on:
Spike is Piccolo (AICN)
Tak Sakaguchi hits the director’s chair. Again. (Twitch)
Takeshi Kitano: Face of Japan and Panasonic (In Russia) (Ryuuganji)
Sho Aikawa’s in movie that doesn’t look at all like Initial D… (Twitch)
Miike Back In The V-Cinema Trenches (Ryuuganji)

And that’s it for this week. Now, to sleep, perchance to sleep in.


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