Iron Shock

In cast you forgot…

If you claim to be a Tokusatsu fan then stop what you’re doing.

Take out your iPod/Zune/Other MP3 player, CD Player. I know you have it nearby, especially if you’re at school or work reading this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Got it. Good. Now take a good close look at it. Really study the details of your purchase. Done?

Now bash your head into it really hard three times. Then do it another two times just for kicks.

Why am I asking you to abuse yourselves? Because you keep asking and begging for Tokusatsu releases in the states and when it finally happens, you never lift a finger to buy it. Don’t try to defend yourself, I know you’ve still got that horribly subbed TVN copy of Kamen Rider The First on your hard drive and you’re too cheap to go out and actually buy the Media Blasters release.

You’re part of the reason why chances are slim of the sequel getting released. You’re also part of the reason why the first major release from BCI/Ronin, Iron King isn’t doing so hot and why we many never get another big US release ever again.

More tough love behind the jump.

I’m not surprised that this happened though. I know some fans out there have the Anime Fangirl mindset of “EWWW! IT’S OLD! UNCLEEEAAAAN!” and will treat it like garbage and that horrible dub of Macross: Do You Remember Love but I thought you were better than that. I thought you were the one that keeps saying how much of an old school fan you are and that you want to see more.

You’re not? Okay then, why haven’t you bought Iron King yet then? Don’t give me the “I have no money” line. Christmas is fastly approaching, make very mild suggestions to your loved ones if you have to. If you’re saving up for Red Baron then buy this in the meantime. It at least shows BCI that people give a damn and will be motivated enough to release more.

No that doesn’t mean that older Sentai shows will be released, Disney’s sitting on the license for those (Every show before Zyuranger to be precise) and they intend to keep their asses planted on it as they gear up to turn Power Rangers into an animated series.

If you want more stuff in the states, you’ve got to give a little. If you’re really a “True Toku Fan” , then why aren’t you buying this? Why are you still even reading this? Why haven’t you gone to Amazon and bought your copy of Iron King? It’s a good series for christ’s sake! It’s not End of Eva on Ice but it’ll keep you a hell of a lot more entertained than that new Lindsay Lohan movie.

Otherwise, come this time next year when you find out what certain companies had in mind for future Tokusatsu releases and you groan and wonder why they didn’t do it, You’ll have nobody to blame but yourself.

Cheapskate. :P


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