Hail To The (Metal) Kaiser

Somebody on HJU pointed THIS out:

Metal Kaiser

Looks slick huh? It’s a series created by Tsuburaya Productions (more specifically Tsuburaya Dream Factory) and Shanghai Media Group TV as part of Tsuburaya’s investment in China. Sounds badass, no? Here’s a trailer that shows us the goods.

So okay, Tsuburaya produced series in China? Nice. Kickarse design for the hero? Even better. A badass name? Interest is piqued.

The only problem? It’s been banned.

According to a member on HJU who did some digging, the Guan Zhou Broadcasting Company (That’s probably not the name) banned it before it was even released. The reasoning behind why they banned it hasn’t come out yet but it still sucks for those fans in China who I can bet were really looking forward to this.

However, there’s still the Japanese release of the series that’s slated for next year so I’m sure something will come around regardless.

Because it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.


Ultraman Lah Thread W/ Pics
Article about Tsuburaya in China
Cam Copy of a second teaser


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