If Casshern Can’t Do It…BAWWWWW!

Casshern UK Poster

Me: Okay. Stop me when this sounds ridiculously stupid.

Daryl: Stop. Oh, okay. Keep going.

Me: …Why didn’t I see that one coming?

Anyways. Group of fans[and amateur voice actors] get together and make a fandub of Casshern. Gets a lot of acclaim online but Shochiku busts them. Flash forward to now. Cashern gets released stateside but with the actual official director’s cut so it’s minus a good 20 minutes. Which of course, is a good thing.

But said group of fans BAWWWW over this and, after trying to get Dreamworks to include the fandub as a legit English dub track to their release (which they were promptly denied), they’re trying to get it published to show companies “the right way to do it”

Daryl: ….How can there be such diehard fans of that movie?

Me: Because [the movie is] SERIOUS DRAMA, Daryl! And they have to preserve the artistic integrity even though the American version is what the director actually wanted!

If I can’t do it…BAWWWWW

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Now this is in no way directed at the actors in said dub as I know a few of them and they did do a good job. Still, the resurgence of the fandub made me think of all the other people who are whining and complaining about the fact that, even though it’s an official director’s cut, it’s not the film they loved and thus blame [Insert Scapegoat Here]. It’s one of those times where it just goes to show you that some fans are never happy.

To the producers of this dub: I honestly never saw the point of the dub to begin with but please don’t try and go about saying that this is “The Way to Go” or “The Way It Was Meant To Be Seen” and crap along those lines. Treat this as a fan edit. Smooth out the audio levels, get it perfected, torrent the hell out of it, and keep it on the down low. If Shochiku gave you a hard time once, there is no need for you to be like Chaiyo and advertise your activites knowing full well what could happen.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to throw a giant lightning bolt at the ones that aren’t being sensible.


3 thoughts on “If Casshern Can’t Do It…BAWWWWW!

  1. Hi, I’m the producer for the Casshern English fandub project. I haven’t found any other fandubs out there, so I can only assume you’re referencing mine. Let me start off by saying I’m incredibly flattered that someone felt inspired enough by my work to write this article.

    Secondly, let me tell you that you are completely and utterly misinformed.

    To begin with, the US release is NOT how the director wanted the movie. A director WILL NEVER take footage OUT of his movie after the producer has had his way with it. Thereafter, future edits will only to add material in that others said he could not keep for whatever reason. This is common knowledge, and I am sorry you do not know this. If you will notice, the actual words “Director’s Cut” was removed from every US release and advertisement because the Director did NOT want to be affiliated with the butchering of his work after seeing the final piece. The DreamWorks editors in fact edited the movie for the American audience, and is proven by the in factual subtitles that bullshit what is actually being said. Believe me when I say that the Japanese version is exactly how the director wanted it, as demonstrated by those who complain about how long it is. I am disappointed by the US release, yes. But it is still the movie I love and I will encourage those who have never seen the movie to buy it. And then, I will force them to watc the original.

    In regards to the fandub, I was not personally reprimanded for my fandub from either Shochiku or Dreamworks. What happened was that all the videos were removed from YouTube. While I was upset, I completely understand. And I have no idea why you think I’m going public with this anyway. If I have anyone to thank for a press release, it is you. Furthermore, I have NEVER once sought the inclusion of this amateur product into any official release. I have never been so full of myself to even suggest it even compared to the original. If there have ever been suggestions otherwise, it has been from the voice actors who were proud of their work. I was never told of this, however. Please do not fabricate this propaganda about the project.

    Most importantly, I was completely flattered by this post until you claimed I held no integrity for the original film. Let me be very clear about the purpose of the fandub:

    The Casshern fandub is ONLY to demonstrate the abilities of amateur voice actors.

    It is NOT better than the original movie. It is NOT meant to replace it any way. It is NOT the way the movie was meant to be seen. It is NOT meant to be seen by anybody who wasn’t watched the original. I have NEVER shown this fandub to those that haven’t seen it. I will NEVER force anyone to watch it, no matter what.

    The fandub was meant for those who participated in it. That’s it. It was simply a hobby that has now blown up into a proportion where I’m getting press releases about it (thanks). I chose to dub the movie Casshern because I am such a huge fan of it and this was how I showed my love, but I didn’t dub it because it needed to be — the movie does NOT need a fandub, just like it doesn’t need subtitles. It is only to give AVAs something of high quality to enjoy and be proud of. I could careless if fans of the movie accept it. I scoff at fandubs myself, and I do believe in keeping the original Japanese whenever you can. I’ve had my share of fandub-bashing because it will never be the same as it was in Japanese. And that’s all I was trying to achieve as listed in my project’s mission statement: to further appreciation for the movie. And thanks to you, I know I’ve done my job.

  2. Hey there and thanks for clearing up a few things here.

    I’ve been on the VAA for awhile so when I saw this resurgence in the dub, it was a bit nostalgic (I tend to be a glutton for it on occasion >_>). I was made aware of all the facts that I mentioned here due to somebody who I guess was a member of your cast going on about it on a forum as if it was the second coming. This left me with a bit of a nasty aftertaste and it led me to have a chat with a friend which turned into this entry.

    Secondly, yes I have not procured a copy of the US version yet but as of that writing I had kept getting reports that it was either the official Director’s Cut or something else entirely. I liked the original film but IMO, I think that a shorter run time would have gotten the message across just as efficiently.

    However, there have actually been some Director’s Cuts out there that do take things out after things have been said and done. I can’t name any off the top of my head at the moment sadly as I’m in the a bit a rush…which of course is as much help to that argument as throwing a full can of gasoline onto a tire fire, but I digress.

    In short, I apologize for seeming like a total arse but the ramblings on the forum just made me think of the people who are acting like this is the end of the world which it isn’t. That will actually be when the Akira live action cast is announced and Kanye West is chosen to play Kaneda.

    Like I said, mad props to you and the cast for pulling this off in the first place. I’m a producer so I can only imagine the layer of hell it must have been to get that out.

    Hope there’s no ill will and have a good one.

  3. Thank you so much for your warm reply. I was expecting something much worse, so I’m really glad that you understand the project better. I hadn’t realized you were a member of the VAA. It’s quite a fun hobby, isn’t it?

    The cast that participated, bless them, are very zealous about their work. I don’t blame them, they did an amazing job. I just don’t want anyone to conceive the wrong idea about the purpose of the project like you did because of that.

    In reference to Director’s Cuts, the term has become known to be “the addition of material” to movies after their theatrical release for DVD sales. This term was used to falsely advertise the US release to trick established fans into buying it again. This should upset even though most level headed of buyers. Yes, I think the decisions in the cut were to better address an action-movie-going American audience, but that’s not who the movie was really appealling to in the first place. I refuse to believe Kiriya Kazuaki did anything but “O.K.” the US edit to make sure it wasn’t completely bastardized. He did what he wanted to do the first time around, believe me. :)

    Anyway, thanks again for nice reply. Please forgive the cast members if they seem too excited to you. It’s okay you don’t care, they’re just way too generous about my skill! But I’m glad they enjoy it — it makes it all worth it.

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