FRIDAY ACE: “8bit Caroling” Editon – Week of 12/16/07

I think it’d be fitting to start on a song.

This rendition of Cantata no. 147 comes courtesy of Omodaka. They’ve done some awesome stuff and even contributed to the album “Holy 8bit Night” which came out a month ago.

Holy 8bit Night

However, as we enter the final countdown to Christmas Day, I present to you this offering of Friday ACE.

Ultraseven X finally wraps as of tonight. You can see my thoughts in another entry but to sum it up, decent show, could have been better, not THE BEST EVAR!!! as some people make it out to be. Either way, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE TO GET A GODDAMN ULTRA EYE!!!


According to this site, the Premium Edition of the Vol. 1 DVD for Ultraseven X DVD will come with them. Wait a sec…since when did Vap start doing Premiums? Damnit.

The Premium Set hits shelves January 8th. *sigh*

-Another reason to sing for joy. The trailer for Resident Evil: Degradation, the original CG movie that is looking to be a shining beacon of hope for fans that felt that Epic Movie was better than the load of crap that Paul “Everything I Made After Shopping Sucks” Anderson is now online.


Speaking of Survival Horror…

-Remember the movie Robot Jox from back in 1990? You know what would have made it more awesome? George H.W. Bush piloting the main mech into battle.

(No I’m not a fan of him or his son and no I am not trying to make political satire here..just be patient, I’m making a point here..)

Now, granted the fantasy of having a president, let alone a senator badass enough to pilot a mech into battle is something reserved for say Metal Wolf Chaos (i.e The Greatest XBOX Game Of All Time)….

….But the people of the Philippines will get to see how such a fantasy would turn out as Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. who also just so happens to be one of the hottest action stars in the country right now is set to star in Resiklo, a sci-fi mecha bash fest of apparently epic proportions as it’s apparently “The Most Expensive Flipino Film Ever”.

Save the planet. Resiklo

I get a major Heavy Gear/Battletech vibe from this trailer. Curious as to how this one will turn out. I’m still waiting for an American adaptation of Metal Wolf Chaos.

Another trailer for Kung Fu Dunk:

Now at first glance, this looks like yet another Shaolin Soccer knock off. After seeing this trailer….it’s a Shaolin Soccer knock off with more drama, fighting, and sports movie staples: The Down on His Luck Coach, the Shy Love Interest, the Badass Looking Yet Prettier Rival, you’d think that they’re all there just to make Jay look cooler but in fact they seem like the only resemblance this movie actually has to the source material that it’s apparently based off of: the classic shonen Sports Manga, Slam Dunk.

I kid you not folks.

My question is how did we go from “Hot Blooded Gang Leader Who Plays On A Team To Impress Girl Of His Dreams” to “Orphaned Kid From Kung Fu University Playing On A Team For A Down And Out Coach”?

Even with my mild dislike for Jay Chou after having endured the live action Initial D movie, I’m really not looking forward to this one. The sad thing will be though when some stupid American producer sees this and we get a remake of this starring some hip-hop idol and featuring David Wong as his arch nemesis.

…Actually, you know what? They’d get points if they did have David Wong in it but double points would be if he reprises his role as Lo Pan from Big Trouble In Little China. No wait, forget all the remake stuff, let’s just have a follow-up to Big Trouble In Little China instead of it…and have it cross over with Buckaroo Banzai and let that be the first ever Epic Double Sequel!!!

What? A guy can dream, cant he?

Gundam bars have opened up in Japan. Specifically, a Federal Forces bar on one floor, a Zeon bar on the other in the same building.


The sad truth that comes with it: The Zeon bar was the more popular one.


Looking at the menu, I can’t wait to see what a Big Zam will consist of.

According to Japanator, yakuza flick, The Tattooed Hitman, is now available for download on XBOX Live Marketplace.


Could this be the start of a trend with Asian Cinema being more frequent on the Marketplace? At 200 points (4.00 USD), this looks to be a bit of a steal but be warned ambitious viewer.

Chow Yun Fat is going to be Master Roshi in the live action Dragonball Z movie. This move has been dubbed by some fans to be the Biggest Career Killer of 2008 and with the already jumbled mish mash of a cast list, who can blame them?

All I’m saying is that if Jackie Chan gets cast as Vegeta, I’m moving to a vineyard in France and washing my hands clean of this.



Do I need to say much more?

Entitled Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer, this monthly mini-series is set to come out next year to co-incide with the release of the Speed Racer live action movie (Pleasegoddon’tletitsuck). I’ll most likely wait for the trade but nevertheless, this looks rather awesome. Hit up Japanator for a sneak peek.

A new version of “Airman Ga Taosenai” (lit. I Can’t Beat Airman) has broken through the heavens.

-And to wrap up this orchestra of newsbytes, an encore of the Final Fantasy XIII trailer that hit the net this past weekend.

See now, if the PS3 had more than only four games that were worth getting and a significant price drop, I’d be tempted to cave and buy it just to play this. And MGS4.

Finally, some fun links/interesting news bits worth checking out.
Trailer for the new Sylvia Chang movie: Run Papa Run. Watch this now. (Kaiju Shakedown)
TED Talks: Copyright Law Is Destroying Creativity (AZM)
Sonic On Your iPod (Kotaku)
New Haruhi Series Details (ANN)
Elergy for the Booth Babe (Jezebel)

That’s it for this week’s Friday ACE. And now, Sonny Chiba remixed.


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