Same Feeling, Second Life

So this past weekend, Goku from DBZ, Naruto, Luffy from One Piece, and the Lancelot from Code Geass all made appearances on Second Life to coincide with Jump Festa.


Not only will the characters appear in Second Life, but each will display his signature special attack: Kamehame-ha for Goku, Rasengan (“Spiral Chakra Sphere”) for Naruto, and the gatling gun for Luffy. Second Life will also host “Jumpland Capsule,” a prize game in which players can win exclusive Jumpland t-shirts and blouses for their avatars. If a user finds and gathers seven Dragon Balls during those days, he or she can summon the Shenlong dragon god.


As for the Code Geass portion of it, you could have gotten free school uniforms and a limited edition Lancelot avatar. Click the pic to check out a video of it in action.

I’m actually tempted to check this out myself…then I remember all the sex slave stuff and other fun encounters associated with this game and that impulse quickly fades away.


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