FRIDAY ACE: “Breakthrough” Edition – Week of 01/06/08


So here’s a double meaning behind this week’s title. Well triple…okay maybe more than that but just hear me out.

Aside from the fact that, according to Daryl Surat, R5 Central killed Newtype USA, and that Gainax has just announced yet ANOTHER Gurren Lagann soundtrack that has all the stuff that we’ve been dying to hear since the end of the series, my house was broken into with me inside of it.

Don’t worry I’m fine, all that was stolen was my mom’s laptop and I was shaken up for a few days and it didn’t help that the stress and sudden temperature changes in Wisconsin brought about a nasty case of the flu which turned into a “I’m Not Going To Be Able To Do Any Work” Head Cold, setting back two episodes of R5 and putting me behind on all the radio plays I’m involved with.

(….Speaking of which, I recently lent a voice to a Hayate no Gotoku fandub. I normally don’t do fandubs anymore but Rina who is also the voice of Ai in the current story arc in R5 needed a hand so I showed up. :P It turned out really well so go check it out.)

Plugging and crime aside, there are some really sweet things that came out of the woodwork this week, hence the one positive thing to warrant this title. Most of which you’ll get a kick out of. Hopefully. Even though there isn’t a lot. Blame it on this rush editing of mine.

So yeah, let’s do this like Brutus.

The SXSW Japan Nite Tour lineup has just been announced!!


Featuring the likes of THE EMERALDS, SCANDAL, detroit7, ketchup mania, and Petty Booka, this unstable melting pot of musical bliss hits the road starting March 14th in Austin, TX. Click on the links to hear the lineup and get your tickets now!

Why am I so excited? Because they’re stopping by Chicago later on in the tour ^_^

Want two more reasons to get excited over Soul Calibur 4? So am I. Darth Vader and Yoda from Star Wars are unlockables.


Okay. Heihachi is permissible, Link was decent, Spawn was a WTF moment but Vader and Yoda? Why not just put Haruhi characters in it while they’re at it? Better yet, have Yoda break out into this midway during a fight in a Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker like maneuver?

Check out this trailer to see them in action…

You have to give the Otaku of Japan some credit for putting up with a lot of crap. First there are the so-called Otaku Hunters, now they’re being stopped by freaking Police officers.


Read the full story here.

Cliff Notes Version:
A writer from the website, Tantei File, hears about this rumor that Otaku that are matching certain descriptions are being stopped and searched in Shinjuku and wants to see if there’s any truth to it. So, he dresses the part and walks around in Shinjuku and sure enough, he’s pulled aside by two police officers. When searched, the cops find a banner saying the following: Tough luck, nothing in here.

So, until further notice, any readers out there that plan to do their goods shopping in Shinjuku might want to be careful…

On a lighter side, the Otaku of Japan have also made their decisions for the 7th Annual Japanese Otaku Awards. Basically it’s a semi-formal ceremony held by fans, for fans that involves a freeform discussion over each award to fine the winner.

The recipient of this year’s Gran Prix? For the second year in a row, NicoNico Douga.

Previous winners of this award: Akihabara as a whole, Kaiyodo, and Ultraman 80. Yes, that’s right, Ultraman 80. He Came To Us From A STAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

…Anyways, stay tuned to this blog to witness my rendition of the aforementioned Musical Suite of NicoNico Douga. Yes, it was bound to happen sooner or later, I’ll most likely get it cranked out in time for episode 50 of R5 Central.

-Here’s a fun little game, try to guess what this commercial is selling.

A.) A watch
B.) An mp3 player
C.) Perfume
D.) Nothing matters, BoA dancing like that is hot.

-Okay so first there was Gundam Musou for PS3. Then there was Gundam Musou International AKA Dynasty Warriors Gundam for the 360. Now, Bandai Namco has finally toked up enough weed to finally decide decided that Gundam Musou will come out once more…ON THE PS2!!


Entitled Gundam Musou Special, this is apparently going to have loads more content that both the original and International versions. The fact that they’re going backwards makes me wonder…..why the hell did they even need to put it on the PS3 in the first place if they could have just done this all along?

Reason #5 on the list for “Why I (Still) Don’t See The Point Of Owning A PS3”.

2008 may be a better year for movies. Evidence can be found in the trailer for Chocolate.


On that note, GeGeGe no Kitaro Sequel Ahoy! Here’s the trailer for the first one in case you missed it:

From TokyoGraph:

….it was learned on Sunday. Eiji Wentz will reprise the starring role of Kitaro, joined by several other returning cast members, such as Yo Oizumi, Rena Tanaka, Kanpei Hazama, and Shigeru Muroi…..

More so than the first film, the sequel is said to focus on forbidden love between humans and yokai. Masato Hagiwara plays a man who falls in love with a nure-onna (Shinobu Terajima). Other characters include Kitaro’s enemy Nurarihyon (Ken Ogata), Jakotsu Baba (Shiro Sano), and Ido Sennin (Takashi Sasano).

Katsuhide Motoki will once again direct. Filming started last month, with a theatrical release scheduled for this summer.

I know the opinion for this movie is generally negative around the net but I still liked it. (Hell, it’s on the Best of 07 list.) I’ll be eagerly awaiting this.

In the meantime, Toei’s unleashed another Kitaro anime…only this one may not be for the kiddies….


Entitled Hakaba Kitaro, this anime looks to go back to GGGK’s manga roots moreso than previous installments, evidenced by the opening credits and the overall look of the anime, and goes for a more darker tone. Kitaro is no longer the good natured hero to turn to if your Dad’s been attacked by a Kappa in the middle of the night. Here, he’s more like a reluctant anti-hero that makes your skin crawl whenever he smiles at you.

After viewing the first episode, I’m hooked and I hope that somebody decides to sub the damned thing so people like you readers out there can enjoy this. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a new horror anime to occupy your time, this is it.

And finally, Kirinji is one of my favorite Japanese musical duos of all time…so what happens when you take one of their songs and splice it to Blade Runner?

And now some newsbits to go out on…
New Trailer for Stephen Chow’s CJ7 (Twitch)
Benny Chan Remakes Cellular? (Kaiju Shakedown)
John Woo’s Red Cliff Website Now Online (Twitch)

That’s it for this week’s Friday ACE. And now, Terry Bogard in Tom Yum Goong.


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