It was originally rumored that actors Takeshi Yoshioka (who played Gamu/Gaia in ULTRAMAN GAIA) and Koji Tsuruno (who played Asuka/Dyna in ULTRAMAN DYNA) would be contributing the voices of their Ultra Alter Egos in Takeshi Yagi’s upcoming DECISIVE BATTLE! THE SUPER 8 ULTRA BROTHERS.

But, a Chunichi Sports news report confirmed that a press conference for the film broke the news that these actors will be reprising their original roles in front of the cameras. They will be joining Hiroshi Nagano as Daigo/Ultraman Tiga and Shunji Igarashi as Hibino Ultraman Mebius. The following are excerpts paraphrased from the original news story:

Having transformed into Ultraman Gaia for the first time almost a decade ago, Yoshioka commented “I’m delighted to be able to once again protect the Earth as part of the eight [Ultra] Brothers.” Igarashi stated, “It was great to work with Tiga, learning pointers, but to work with all of my predecessors is too much!” Nagano said, “For the first time, all four Heisei Ultramen appear together!” and called the film, “Must see.”

A Tsuburaya Productions spokesperson said, “The culmination of 40 years of Ultra history is our aim,” and promised that the film will contain “many more surprises.”

(Translation by August Ragone)

So according to this, some of the characters on the rumor list that showed up on HJU and Ultraman Lah! are in fact dead on. If so, I think we may finally have our main lineup.

-The Dandy 4(Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace)

TAKE THAT COSMOS!-*coughcough* Oh! Um…ahem…I mean…N-Now just because Dyna and Gaia are appearing, that may not guarantee the other rumors. There’s still no word on whether or not the rumor of Agul not appearing at all despite the appearance by Hassei Takano is true or if this guarantees appearances by members from Super Guts or XIG.

At any rate, I think we may have a winner for Best Tokusatsu Film of 2008 if this keeps up.



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