FRIDAY ACE: “Attack of the Logos!!” Edition – Week of 1/13/08


Believe it or not, people have admitted to being freaked out by these logos when they were kids. At first it just seemed like one of those things that maybe it was kinda creepy when you were younger that you just laugh about now, that was until I actually sat through the montage and I was left scratching my head as to why and how the logos for Random House, the BBC, and That Typewriter Guy suddenly became the thing of nightmares.

Beats the daylights out of me. Besides, the time I could spend wondering how this Logophobia actually works is time better spent delivering this week’s Friday ACE!

Football fans rejoice, a figure of the Fox NFL Robot exists.


This soldier of the Techno Gridiron can now finally be yours. That is, if you found yourself wanting him in the first place. Check out the high res version of the Intro Spot here.

-Speaking of robots, Pink Tentacle finally figured out how much it would cost to build one Gundam.


Click the link to check it out for yourself. Just be sure to have your wallet ready.

-In what may be one of the most terrifying concepts yet, here’s a custom MAD video featuring GaoGaiGar Final…WITH A TWIST!


Twitch has pointed out the trailer for the forthcoming Korean Romantic Comedy, Radio Days.

Here’s the synopsis for those who are curious:

In April 1933, Korea’s Japanese occupiers launched the country’s first radio station, JODK. It broadcasts propaganda so as to better brainwash the Korean people into becoming loyal Japanese citizens. In need of a Korean producer for a radio drama about the greatness of Japan’s Asian Empire, they appoint Lloyd Park (Ryu Seung-bum), a young man who has only joined the radio station through his father’s connections.

Lloyd, who is more interested in womanizing than working, has no intention to produce the propaganda program until he is introduced to beautiful jazz singer Mary (Kim Sa-rang). Because she wants a boyfriend with a respectable job, Lloyd signs up. They are joined by alcoholic announcer Man-chul, gisaeng (traditional Korean singing and dancing girl) Myung-wol (Hwang Bo-ra), errand boy Soon-duk and a vulgar novelist No Bong-al (Kim Rwi-ha).

As expected, their drama “The Flame of Love” is a mess from the very beginning. Believing that the drama needs realistic sounds effects, Lloyd hires K (Jong-hyuk LEE) who in his spare time works for the resistance. Thanks to K’s outstanding contribution, the drama becomes popular among the growing number of radio owners. As the drama comes to its much anticipated conclusion, the Japanese occupiers want to intervene to give it the appropriate ending…

I’m actually kind of curious as to see how this one will turn out. It’s a bit of a touchy point in history so it could go either way. Just as long as they don’t go the route of The Patriot and exaggerate the hell out of the antagonists. Least in this case, they won’t piss off Spike Lee.

New Cobra TV Series and OVA!


From ANN because I’m too lazy to paraphrase it at the mo’:

The official website for manga creator Buichi Terasawa (Goku – Midnight Eye, Kabuto) has confirmed that the recently announced Cobra the Space Pirate animation project will come in two forms: an original anime video (OVA) project and a television project. Terasawa will write, storyboard, and direct the OVA version. Veteran director Osamu Dezaki (Bionic Six, Black Jack The Movie, Golgo 13: The Professional) will write, storyboard, and direct the television version with the animators of Magic Bus.

Couple this with the new Golgo 13 and holy crap, anime shalt be flooded by the Romance of Men.

In the meantime, here’s a promo video for Cobra THE ARCADE. Also known as The Game That I Wish I Could Have Played In The Arcade But Was Never Told About.

2006’s Sinking of Japan remake hits R1 DVD on February 12th. The best thing about this cover? The fact that even though it says in big letters THE SINKING OF JAPAN and JAPAN’S BIGGEST DISASTER MOVIE EVER!, Tartan Video felt the need to stick a Buddha statue head amidst the flood.


Yeaaaah….Why couldn’t we have gotten THIS cover?


While on the subject of pre-orders…GO BUY RED BARON!

-This just in! Scantily-Clad Samurai Girl Attacking Geeks In Japan!


If only. This is a promotional bit for yet another game in the Oneechanbara series, Oneechanbara Revolution. Go on ahead to to check out more pics of Aya here slaughtering zombies and innocent fanboys who wanted to get her phone number.

-The Greatest Fan Fic Ever

The Greatest Tokusatsu Cosplay Ever


-And finally, yes, today is 1-18-08. The day that Cloverfield is finally unleashed onto the masses. If you really want to immerse yourself into the mythos after viewing it, you can go to Shounen Ace’s official site right now to check out the first chapter in an official tie-in manga.


I’m curious if this will see release in the States as an attempt to try and rope in the anime fandom. Just as long as this doesn’t turn into a Matrix thing were people spend 10 years afterwards trying to decode everything. I’ll most likely be seeing his myself on Saturday so I’ll let you guys know if this was worth the hype.

And now, some newsbits to go out on.
Writers Strike Back (AZM)
Subbed Trailer for Chocolate (Twitch)
The Most Dramatic Pachinko Commercial Ever (An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla)
China Attacks Azeroth (Kaiju Shakedown)
While We’re At It, A Full English Trailer for Stephen Chow’s CJ7 (Twitch)
Street Fighter For Your Mouse (Kotaku)
Japan’s Hyper Culture Coming to D.C (AZM)

That’s it for this week’s Friday ACE. And now, Megaman taking a bullet for Abe Lincoln.


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