Try again…With FEELING!

As promised folks, here’s my second version of my Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga attempt! Hit the jump for production notes.


I ended up working on this ahead of schedule due to the fact that Cool Edit saved the session and downgraded the bitrates for the more critical tracks, leaving me no choice but to overhaul the majority of it.

The new segments include:
-Added “Female” vocals to Butter-Fly
-Brand new vocals for Airman Ga Taosenai
-New versions of Kanbu ni tomatte Sugu Tokeru, Help me ERINNNNNN!, Uninstall, Tori no Shi, You, Okkusenman and Figyu@.
-New Hot Blooded Yelling Parts
-Yes I know some parts are still off. I still can’t nail “Erin” to save my life.

New Visual Aspects:
-Used psycho/J video instead of the original
-Added intro and ending images
-Revamped Black Might Gaine segment

Once again, all vocals are yours truly, right down to the cutesy female voice.

For those that couldn’t make out what I was saying during the Moji Pittan bits:
“Maji ka yo?!” – Are you serious?!
“Kami-sama onegai, watashi wo korosete kure!” – Please God, kill me!

Well that’s the end of this chapter….lest I’m tempted to do an R5 Ensemble Version or a mock duet with J (which would rock hard). Take care all.


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