FRIDAY ACE: “Charlie BrOwned” Edition – Week of 2/3/08

Chances are there are some of you out there that don’t watch the Super Bowl for the game itself, you just stick around for the commercials.

This made it all the more worthwhile.

Stewie is bitchslapped and Underdog finally gets his for selling out to Disney. Even after his comic has ceased publication, the good man is will always be Charlie Brown. Thus, I have created a new phrase to further illustrate utter pwnage;

“Better crack open the Sunday paper, you just got Charlie Browned!”

….Yeah doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue does it? Well you may as well coin it now as it accurately describes an event that Tokusatsu freaks like myself have been waiting 10 years for finally happened this week: Chaiyo Entertainment has finally gotten their asses royally kicked in the courts and Tsuburaya has claimed victory!


Works now, doesn’t it? And now, here’s this week’s Friday ACE!

-Let’s start things off with a song. I recently marathoned the entire series of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and am now watching the second series, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. To give you a taste of the chaos, here’s the new opening theme:

And here’s a clip of Episode 1 of the new series. It’s the only anime on TV that would dare to reference Voltes V and do a shot for shot homage of the first episode of Kamen Rider in the same episode.

Damn it, there was a Nikkatsu Retrospective in Madison last weekend and nobody told me!


Apparently, there’s one on the 23rd too with Yujiro Ishihara’s Red Handkerchief and the stateside premiere of Joe Shishido’s Glass Johnny: Looks Like a Beast. Must. Attempt. Trip!

Japanator pointed out a list of the Top 11 Hilarious and Creepy Japanese Train Grope Cases.


My favorite? The guy in the monster costume.

It’s finally happening fanboys. You’re getting a Vocaloid AV. And a Gurren Lagann one. And…a bunch of other ones


Entitled Cosploid, it’s your run of the mill cosplay AV-Hey, why the hell am I even writing about AVs on this blog? Why am I even continuing this sentence if I’m devoted to not writing about AVs in the first place? Okay, this looks pretty bad. Going to stop typing now. Now. Now. Damnit..okay just going to end mid sente-

-Even though it was supposedly dropped by ADV, here’s the trailer to the English dub of Gurren Lagann. That’s right. LAGANN. NOT LAGEN! Makes it sound like a fscking English beer or something…

Kumi Koda and I still have a love/hate relationship. I like her music but I can’t stand her “24 Hour Sex” image. However, that doesn’t change the fact that “she done fscked up“….

The comment came on Tuesday night while Koda was hosting “All Night Nippon.” The topic of her manager’s marriage came up, and Koda was asked about when her manager was planning to have children. She made a seemingly light-hearted reply that “when women turn 35, their amniotic fluid goes rotten, so I’d like them to have a child by 35.”

People were veeeeeeery pissed off at this, so much that she’s been replaced at one event by Ami Suzuki, all promotion of her new album, “Kingdom“, has ceased (which didn’t stop it from hitting #1 shortly afterwards though – no such thing as bad publicity, right?), and the cosmetic brand that she had a hand in has washed their hands clean of her on their website.


Oh yeah and if you want an mp3 of the song in that vid, go here.

-I think this has to be a sign of the end of days, we’ve got a freaking gravure FOOD idol now.


Tomoko Miyake pictured here in this photo that really turns off any desire to eat fast food anytime soon is about to make her big model debut. However, she’s already well known for her crazygonuts eating abilities. Don’t believe me? Check out this vid where she downs 11 lbs. of ramen.

Yeah, she’s not coming over for Thanksgiving. However, this girl is totally allowed to come if only to carve up the turkey like it was a zombie trying to kill her.


That’s right folks, Oneechanbara is getting a live action adaptation which will be released in April! Eri Otoguro will be our leading lady, Aya ,while Chise (HATENAKI BOUKEN SPIRITS!!) Nakamura as little sister Saki. In the meantime, check out the official site here.

-Okay enough about idols. Time to ring in the awesomeness! The Aquabats (Otherwise known as The Greatest Band In The World) have just finished shooting their new TV pilot.


If you’re wondering how this is related to anything I regularly talk about on this blog, check out the original pilot. What? What do you mean YouTube removed it due to violation of terms? Damnit. I’ll see what I can do….

Ah well, I can only anxiously salivate in anticipation for this new chunk of visual coolness. In the meantime, if you’re in LA, you’ve got 10 grand to blow, and you’ve always wanted a mobile fortress of your very own, the Aquabats RV can be yours!


Of all the times to be caught without 10 grand -_-

This guy tried to make his point that all Giant Robots suck and are illogical. Aside from everybody thinking of him as a douche who doesn’t get it an unimaginative Super-Athiest, I for one can’t help but to wonder if somewhere along the way, he forgot the universal truth that was once beautiful ballad from 2004….

Obviously, this person is NOT HUMAN!

-And finally, the best bit of news this week, Shinichi/Sonny/JJ Sonny Chiba got into a fight. Outside of a movie.

From Tokyograph:

The man, 49, was at the NTV Tower plaza in Higashi-Shinbashi on Wednesday night. Chiba was at a nearby restaurant when a friend told him that the man was spreading rumors about Chiba having money problems. The actor took offense, and he confronted the man at the plaza. Chiba struck him once in the face, and also hit him on the back of the head after knocking him down. Both men reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Police are trying to determine who initiated the violence and whether either of them were drinking. Most likely, the matter will be settled out of court.

Too bad the fight didn’t actually go down like this. (Warning: It gets a bit graphic….)


And now newsbits and interesting links:
Move Over Densha Otoko, Here Comes “Don’t Hang Up Man” (Japanator)
Risk: Black Ops – Making World Domination Sexy (Gamers With Jobs)
Gainax is Looking For Animators-NO THIS ISN’T FOR A GURREN LAGANN FOLLOW-UP!!! (ANN)
-“Fuck Spiderwick! I Wanna See Rambo!” (Occasional Superheroine)
Two Season’s Worth of NHK’s Ani-Kuri 15 Now On YouTube! (Twitch)
The Death of the Arcade Continues (Kotaku)

That’s it for this week’s Friday ACE. And now, Tommy Lee Jones playing in a maid cafe.

And don’t forget, on Election Day, vote for RoboForce 5!


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