Fired Up For The Climax!

After getting excited over a false Hibiki OV Series image, I figure the next best thing would be to give everybody updates over everything we know so far about Climax Deka:

Here’s the supposed story via the thread on HJU:

A few months after parting with Momotaros and the rest, Ryoutarou is living a peaceful life. But, one day, Zeroliner appears with Yuuto in front of Ryoutarou.
“The flow of time is being disrupted. On top of that, the culprit seems to be Momotaros.”
Ryoutarou is surprised by Yuuto’s words, and goes off to investigate with Yuuto to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, Momotaros has heard about this incident and in order to prove his innocence, Owner (and company), Urataros, Kintaros, and Ryuutaros, also join in the investigation.

・A black Momotaros that looks just like Momotaros will appear (the details are slightly different)
(I’m betting that the culprit = black)

・The black Momotaros will transform into a black den-o (Sword form)

・Kiva will appear from a different timeline because the flow of time has been disrupted.
But Kiva’s actors won’t appear in the show. (Wataru will appear as Kiva’s voice by the actor, but Wataru himself will not appear.)

Now that last bit, which is somewhat disappointing, was recently debunked by the following pic.


It comes from this series of pics, the source of which hasn’t been revealed yet but I’d venture to guess this is from Takeru Sato’s blog again or somebody else involved with Kiva.

However, the really interesting bit is that the collage now shows that there’s apparently going to be time traveling between 2008 AND 1986, evidenced by the two shot of Ryotaro and Wataru’s father. Click the link to see for yourself.

The thing that seems weird is that we’re getting a main Den-O V-Cinema in addition to Climax Deka and I remember hearing somewhere that a Dark Den-O would be appearing in that as well? Maybe I’m confused as the news of both of these productions came so fast but hey, I’m human. I screw up on occasion. Somebody feel free to call me on it.

In the meantime, we’re getting a freaking Den-O OVA o_o


Yeah, I’d go into further details but right now I’m too tired from all this news hunting and I need some sleep.

EDIT: One more thing! According to this article, Climax Deka will see release in April…AND it’ll actually be in theaters!

Take care all.


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