Omae no karada Kyojin ni Kaeru!

You guys remember awhile back I posted the opening for SFX Giant Legend Line?

I haven’t been able to find anymore episodes of the series and I’ve been interested into seeing more of it as the concept is pretty sweet even though the special effects may not be up to par. Why do I mention this now?

Because I just got a thank you note via YouTube from the Director and Scenario writer, Shoryu Yamada!

It is a Yamada Syoryo of a supervisor and a scenario.
It thanks for the time being.
Thank you for upload a work.

I know the English isn’t the best but I looked up the staff info on Wikipedia just to be sure and sure enough, he’s the real deal. Question is…Do I invite him onto R5 Central for an interview? :p

Thanks to his favorites list though, I came across these guys. The Komadori Brothers.

This account holds the many 8mm films these guys made during the early 80’s in their high school years. My personal favorite aside from the above Barbie wa Cat’s Eye is their take on 8-Man.

Classic. I’d pay for a DVD of all their stuff if it was available. For the time being, I’m glad it’s all for free on Youtube ^^;


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