FRIDAY ACE: “Forgot to Prank” Edition – Week of 03/30/08

So I completely forgot that April Fool’s was this week and I’m slightly miffed because I hadn’t thought of anything to do for the occasion. Closest thing was the promo I cooked up for Rangercast but even that didn’t have the impact of say the prank I pulled two years ago with R5.

Ah well…Maybe next year I’ll get everybody good. But at least a lot of fun stuff happened this week that made up for it. The majority of it that I liked is in this installment of Friday ACE….

-First off, Macross (fscking) Frontier premiered this week.

Cannot wait for the second episode.

-I’ve been on a bit of a Jackie Chan kick as of late which sucks because all I own is First Strike and all my cash is going to the summer con season. However, stuff like these teasers for the Jackie Chan produced flick Wushu, starring Sammo Hung, helps the withdrawl.

And now The Forbidden Kingdom is starting to look good. Think it’s because they aren’t really advertising the American kid that much anymore….

Meanwhile, we’ve finally got our first look at the upcoming animated adaptation of the Storm Riders comic, Storm Riders: Clash of Evils.

If that isn’t enough, we’re getting a sequel to the live action version of Storm Riders…only nobody from the original is involved. Maybe the animated movie will make up for it. Please?

Oh crap, I almost forgot! Christopher Walken’s birthday was this week!

This is so good that being the Tangent of Week would be doing this an injustice!

For some reason, I keep coming back to the video channel of Emily/Applemilk1988. I think this about sums up part of the reason.

Check out the English version here. Now I suddenly I have a craving for Pikachu Bread for the sheer sake of yelling SPLASH ATTACK!! in the middle of Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Katsuhito Ishii (A Taste of Tea, Funky Forest) is working on a slick animated feature called Red Line. At the recent Tokyo Anime Fair, the man himself had a kickarse teaser cooked up for the viewing public. Sadly enough though, the only version online at the moment is a cam copy but it’s better than nothing. In fact, it’s all you need….

I rest my case :P

While doing stuff for episode 50b, I found some really fun clips from a Japanese TV show that featured Akira Kamiya, Fuyumi Shiraishi, and other legendary seiyuu back in 1995.

And the one that really got me all nostalgic (fast forward to 4:18):

….What? Don’t act like you didn’t watch Sailor Moon back in the day.

-So people on the Otakon forums were somewhat whining over the fact that they got JAM Project and not X-Japan or SKIN. While resisting the urge to track down anybody that spoke ill of such an accomplishment and go Fist of the North Star on their collective arses, news came out that may finally shut them up: X-Japan will be playing Madison Square Garden.

There, now you can shut up-NO THIS DOESN’T MEAN THEY’LL BE HITTING UP CONS IN THE STATES! (Believe me, I’d love to see them live too but just be happy for what you’ve got goddamnit!)

-Yes scored big with their deal with Gonzo and Funimation but there IS an alternative if you wish to stealthily give them the finger. Head over to BOST TV and get an account to get streaming subbed episodes of Blasreitter and The Tower of DRUAGA for free…RIGHT after they air in Japan.

Sure you may gripe about that fact that it’s Gonzo that finally got the picture but hey, if Blasreitter is actually good, it’ll be worth it.

And finally, footage for the live action Yatterman is online. Sorta.

The last question asked to the guy playing Gan: “Who do you think is more of Gan’s type; Ai/Yatterman 2 or Doronjo?”

He said Yatterman 2 but you KNOW what he was really thinking. If not then he doesn’t deserve the right to call himself A MAN!!


What is it with me and all these tangents being comic related? The latest buzz as of late is the blog of the so called Marvel_B0y.


This blog by a supposed staff member at Marvel has been a hot spot for spoilers and all sorts of behind the scenes musings. The biggest of these: Supposed news of Joe Quesada being fired.


Now I know what some of you may be thinking. Maybe this is all just a bit of viral marketing by The Powers That Be for the forthcoming madness of Secret Invasion. I wouldn’t be surprised if this did turn out to be the case but it’s one of those times where a thing is so crazy that it CAN’T be false. Nevertheless, I’m staying tuned to this blog to see what happens next ^^;

Honorable Mention:
Come on, you know I’ve got to post this….

Now for the extras….
Re: Cutie Honey – LICENSED!? (ANN)
New Oneechanbara THE MOVIE Teaser! (Twitch)
Pics of the new Godman special for the forthcoming DVD Box (Toho Park)
Two MORE Kids Arrested for Having a Death Note (ANN)

That’s it for this week’s Friday ACE. Now, the reason why Tak Matsumoto will never get a job at a music shop.


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