FRIDAY ACE: “Dash Seven” Edition – Week of 4/13/08

This week was slightly depressing for hardcore tokusatsu fans due to yet another tragic loss. Kouhan Kawauchi, screenwriter for Seijin Suzuki’s Tokyo Drifter and creator of such awesome shows like Rainbowman, Condorman, and Diamond Eye passed away this week. I know we can’t expect these guys to last forever but it’s always saddening to hear about them.

Once again, it falls upon me to do some sort of tribute to the man. Luckily somebody beat me to it. Now, one of the girls from THE iDOLM@STER doing a rendition of the Shine Shine Dan theme from Rainbowman.

And now, this week’s Friday ACE.

Just when you thought Hare Hare Yukai was finally over and done with (until the second season comes out at least), this comes out:

-According to a source via Japanator, staff and cast from Gurren-Lagann may be attending FanimeCon.

…Somebody up there hates me -_-

-In what seemed at first to be an interesting display of inner staff stealthiness rivaling that of Marvel_B0y, the last five minutes of this week’s episode of Code Geass R2 appeared on YouTube this week, being quickly deleted by Sunrise.

At first, people speculated somebody on staff leaking this out as a sort of visual middle finger for some reason but it was later revealed to be a test by Sunrise for something that would aid in their efforts to be total copyright douchebags quell any future attempts at uploading their material onto YouTube.

Here’s my problem:
A couple of the major record companies Stateside have started to upload music videos from artists in their catalogs and so on and it’s done well in ensuring that people don’t upload music videos protected by the RIAA for the most part.

My point? Why the hell aren’t there anime companies following the example of Gonzo and set up official YouTube channels that offer HQ versions of clips and opening credit sequences to cut out the repeat offenders? It seems like a small thing but come on, do you REALLY want Gonzo of all studios to be getting the upper hand on the internet?

Oh and this whole Region Lock mentality needs to go as well. I understand wanting so-and-so wanting to do the advertising on their own but it’s irritating if there’s a trailer for say the new series of the Sarah Jane Adventures that won’t be coming out for a year and I’m told that it’s not available in my country. Yes I know I could be *Gasp* patient but the whole thing just feels like we’re digitally isolating ourselves if that makes any sense.

-And now, some news from a more interesting anime studio: Studio 4C has just wrapped up Genuis Party Beyond and their segment for Batman: Gotham Knight and in the aftermath of their awesomeness, have opened up the site Area Tokyo Zero. I think Twitch best described what this site is; “it’s a sort of virtual city with each neighborhood dedicated to a different director within the Studio 4C world”.

Check it out for yourself by clicking the above pic.

For once a kid gets suspended from school for NOT owning a Death Note! (But it’s still anime related -_-)

From Blog @ Newsarama

Christopher Hart’s “how-to-draw” books have been blamed for a multitude of sins, but this is the first time I’ve seen them fingered in a school suspension.

The Anchorage, Alaska, Daily News reports that fifth-grader Hatcher Johnson received a three-day in-school suspension after he showed his drawings of nude women to a classmate. The illustrations were based on instructions in Hart’s Manga Mania: How to Draw Japanese Comics.

The drawings were passed from student to student until, eventually, Johnson ended up in the principal’s office.

Johnson, 12, said he thought the figure drawings would be okay because he’d seen nude paintings in art books at the school library.

Johnson’s mother, Susan, says the school overreacted.

Personally, this reminds me of all those times when I was a kid when the school librarian would ban people from checking out drawing books. To her and the other teachers that enforced that, it seemed like a cop out for when we had to read during the designated “Silent Reading Time”…but at an arts-based school? Why do any schools that have something about their ass about “How To Draw” books even have them available for selection to begin with?

Okay, nostalgic ranting aside, at this rate, we’re going to have a flock of soccer moms thinking all anime is just Legend of the Overfiend. Again. Kids, stop being stupid at school and getting caught with crap like this. Especially you Death Note people and you Narutards. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

This is the reason why I never play Trivial Pursuit.

-Disney Channel Japan has started showing a series of shorts co-produced with anime studio Jinni entitled Fireball.

Set in the far future, it revolves around young robot heiress Drossel Von Flugel and her servant Gedachtnis (Mouth full, ain’t it? :P) and their various misadventures. Doubt this will hit stateside unless Drossel is voiced by Hilary Duff or some other Disney staple but you can watch the raw episodes streamed off of the official site by clicking the above pic. When you get there, click the third tab on the menu bar and click where it says “NEW 第1話 その水棲動物を見よ”.

Eight Peaks Studios in Korea announced awhile back that they are currently gearing up to do a live action version of Leiji Matsumoto’s classic hero, Captain Harlock. This would be good and awesome too…but not if the creator himself has anything to say about it.

According to Tokyograph, Leiji Matsumoto did not give his approval for the adaptation, nor did he receive any formal notice at all whatsoever. Now, sure he could let this go but remember, this is the guy who went after the R&B duo Chemistry for plagarism charges. If he could get heated over a simple coincidence in lyrics, imagine what he’d do to stop this film which now leaves a sour taste in my throat, knowing that the original creator isn’t even involved.

If anything, we need to give money to THIS guy and have him make a full movie out of this trailer:

-Remember that guy in Japan who got arrested for uploading episodes onto Winny awhile back? Well it looks like he’s going to be serving one year of jailtime for all his troubles.

I’m sure there are a bunch of people who are up in arms about this right now and I’d be one of them too if it weren’t for one small fact.

The stuff he uploaded? Episodes of iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia and Gundam 00.

Yeah, no love from me.

TV’s Patrick Macias managed to get an interview with the living legend himself, Stan Lee.

In it, he discusses new projects Ultimo and Hero Man. Go listen now already!

-And finally……EPIC SHAMISEN BATTLE!!!!

Rutger’s University recently broke the world record for Most People Dressed As Ninja Turtles. Yes you read that right.

Check out the full event here.

Honorable Mention:
Daryl Surat sent this my way: a whole feature on these really sweet custom Star Wars figures, rendered as if the trilogy took place during WWII.

Check out more of them here.

And now the linkage:
Gotham Knight Teaser Now Up (Twitch/Yahoo)
Hentai Finally Gives Back: Perverted English Lessons-WHA?! (Japanator-NSFW)
Press Release: Yamato USA’s 1:18 Motoslave Figure w/ Silvia from Bubblegum Crisis (ANN)
Way To Go Myspace: Japanese Remake of Prom Queen In The Works (Tokyograph)

That is it for this week’s ACE. And now, Kamen Riders Blade and Faiz having a dance off….


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