The news is in! JN Productions is releasing the complete series of Inazuman on DVD this November!!

From the Press Release:

(Honolulu, Hawaii) The INAZUMAN DVD Box Set will be released in November 2008 by JN Productions, producers of the KIKAIDA, KIKAIDA 01 and KAMEN RIDER V3 DVD Box Sets. In the 1973 TV series, Inazuman, the Fighter for Freedom battles mutant monsters of the evil Bamba Empire who threaten the citizens of Japan. The INAZUMAN DVD Box Set will be sold exclusively at Shirokiya, Ala Moana Center and on-line at http://www.generationkikaida.com.

If sales go well, I wouldn’t surprised if we got an Inazuman Flash set shortly afterwards. In the meantime, their Kikaider 01 and Kamen Rider V3 Box Sets are still available for purchace and if you find yourself in Honolulu in May, you may want to check this out:

C’mon, how can you pass up getting pictures and autographs from Ban Daisuke and Ikeda Shunsuke along with the Kikaider Brothers and Inazuman in the flesh? Click the pic for more info.

Yeah….looks like my wallet is going to be crying soft silent tears tonight. No wait,that’ll be me when I realize I’ve cleaned out my bank account -_-


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