Needing a vacation from the vacation….

Things I Learned at Anime Central 2008

-If you show up during an even numbered year, anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong.

Always go to the Dealer’s Room BEFORE somebody buys up the only Dangaioh Revoltech in the building.

-If you’re holding a panel, do not include critical subject matter details in an uber-long title. Even a Dr. Strangelove reference couldn’t save the R5 Central panel as multiple people walked by having no clue what the hell was going on.

-On that note, If you’re coming into a panel that is just wrapping up; SHUT THE F*CK UP AND LET THEM FINISH!

Never go to the ADV booth unless you really want to be depressed. Think it didn’t help having a big Gurren Brigade staring them down via the booth across from them either.

Don’t bother trying to find any titles that were made before 1991 in the ACen Dealer’s Room. No matter how hard you try, you will not find a copy of Bubblegum Crisis to save your life.

If the crazed lead singer of an equally crazy rock band spontaneously stage jumps during Opening Ceremonies, make a break for it. Lest you want a broken iPod.

If a guy comes up to you and directly asks if whether or not there are some hot girls waiting to be f*cked at 3 AM, don’t say anything to him. He’s most likely somebody that will get arrested.

-Finally, no matter how bad you think your panel may have gone, somebody will always manage to get something out of it….

From Japanator:

…Not only do I like shonen, mecha, and overall violent shows, but I also have a craving for tokusatsu. Though unlike the other genres, I am a total newbie at it. So in order to get up to speed I decided to take part in the Tokusatsu Taisen panel. Things didn’t turn out as planned with that panel and it basically turned into a forum for questions and answers.

Even though most of the things discussed went directly over my head, I still ended up learning a lot about the genre I never knew existed. Such as Hideaki Anno, the director of Neon Genesis had taken part as an Ultra Man like clone for Gainax, before it was Gainax. Now I know why he was so depressed later in his life.

Videos and junk will be up later when I’ve fully recovered.


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