Chogokin RAAAAGE!

From Yomimuri Online:

“I’m troubled because my husband’s a nerd.
I never knew before we got married, but he collects all these worthless dolls. ‘Chougoukin robots’ or something, he calls them.
Apparently he’s been gathering them since he was a kid, and had four big cardboard boxes full of them.
Anyway they were disgusting so I threw them away while he was at work. When he came back we had a fight.
Fighting over toys! What a brat!
What should I do to make him repent?
Advice, please.”

This has been posted on /m/ and various blogs with the majority of the comments being along the lines of “Stupid whore” and “Bitch”. Yes you could fault the guy for marrying her in the first place but think about it; She claimed that she didn’t know about his being a nerd or about his collection. Wouldn’t that be one of the things that would come up BEFORE you said your vows?

Maybe the guy tried to hold back the info so that he could marry her in the first place but no matter what way you spin it, this is a pretty messed up situation. What do you guys think?

To the poor husband out there: Sorry to hear about your collection, dump that bitch, and go for a night on the town in Akiba.


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