NOTE: I know this isn’t exactly Friday ACE here but I’ve got a couple of drafts that I need to get off my chest…

So a lot of people have been claiming that IRT at Anime Central was made up of a regiment of douchebags. Say what you will about them, I do have to give them props for dealing with the waves of chaos that ACen tends to generate. Thing is though that this year, we also had numerous visits from the Rosemont PD and even they are starting to get flack (as evidenced in the above video).

The one story that came to my attention though was pointed out to me on the ACen forums by ally in arms, Ron “Soulcrash” Ladao….

On Saturday night/Sunday morning, May 17/18, I was subject to excessive force and wrongful arrest by the Rosemont PD while attending

A friend of mine had been apprehended by IRT and I was told by friends about this as I arrived on the floor they were on. I believe this was the fourth floor.

I inquired about my friend’s apprehension/arrest, I was there to serve witness and gather information for him from police/security. I was not involved in the incident which lead to his arrest, I explained this but was still treated with hostility by hotel security and police.

While I approached the scene and asked what was going on, IRT and security had gathered, eventually the Rosemont police came. Immediately an officer approached me and become hostile with me for refusing to show ID (I refused since I was not involved in the incident and knew my rights). He made angry threats and told me to move away. I argued but complied with his orders to move. The argument took less than a minute to escalate. The officer lost his cool and began to choke me by the neck, throwing me against a wall. He briefly choked off my wind-pipe, and I suffered a large abrasion on my shoulder from this. He made some verbal threats as well. He then pinned me on the ground for an arrest, at this point I was surrounded by other officers and generally roughed up- twisted, face shoved into the ground, kneed in the sides, choked, etc. The entire time I was yelling “I’M COMPLYING. I WILL COMPLY. CHILL OUT.” and things of the sort. I was complying with the arrest and not physically or verbally resisting. I made/posed no threats during the course of the entire ordeal. Immediately once I was handcuffed and still face-down on the ground, I was stun-gunned in the neck for no reason. At this point I became very faint, could barely walk, stand or focus, and almost blacked out. I was refused attention by paramedics even after repeated requests. I was then taken downstairs, thrown in the squad car and taken to the station for booking.

I was ultimately charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. Both of which are bogus charges. I was given no warning of arrest, I was also non-violent and compliant with orders. My only resistance was heated, but non-threatening verbal argument. For this I was violently choked, roughed up, and stun-gunned. I would very much rather not let this slide….

The guy in question posted this on the ACEN forums, hoping to take this to court. I sympathize with you, kid, really I do. However, you lost points with me when you forgot to do one thing:

Play the COMMON SENSE video.

D’oh! I meant Play the Common Sense CARD….

I know I wasn’t there so I can say much but from what you’ve told us, I’ve got a little tip: Trying to be the martyr never works. Yes, you probably weren’t trying to but the way your account reads, I expect you to be that wailing woman in despair on the cracked balcony during the opening credits for PBS’s Mystery!….

If a cop wants to you do something, DO IT. Had you shown your ID and not going on your rebellious teen rampage, you wouldn’t be up for charges. End of story. No the charges aren’t bogus; you DID obstruct justice and any bit of squirming is still interpreted as resisting arrest. Not all cops are like the idiots that you occasionally see on Youtube that take advantage of their position. You CAN trust the ‘Fuzz.

I’m interested to hear if any of you guys out there heard anything of the sort. In the meantime my valiant readers, remember: If any of you find yourself in a situation like this where you’ve given into High Dramatics in the face of the cops, don’t leave without your Common Sense card.


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