Innocent Trap

“Oh look! There goes the point!”
-Bill Jackson

Does anybody see the point of Kiva anymore?

I like the action, characters have grown on me, and we’ve still got Kenji Matsuda as a badass werewolf so that can’t be too bad, right? But I mean, seriously, what’s the point?

Time Jump: Look, Inoue-san, can you just confirm that you wanted a show set in 1986 but the producers wouldn’t let you do it so you mixed it in with the 2008 subplot to get your way? Because the 1986 storyline is becoming ten times more interesting than the main one and I’m really curious if that was the case. Otherwise, the main plot is becoming very redundant very quickly.

The Blue Sky Organization: They’ve been trying to kill Fangires since 1986 yet they haven’t managed to stop more than two of them, the rest becoming the burdens of Wataru and Megumi. What the hell? I mean, yes, using them in the past is a decent attempt at an exposition device but this is just getting ridiculous. The logistics of the organization have ruined any suspension of disbelief, this coming from the guy who loves Kamen Rider Stronger.

Keisuku Nago: The Inoue Uber-Ass is living up to the name by becoming dangerously obsessive-compulsive with his whole button thing, that and going nuts to the point where I can’t even like the character. And I like IXA. At this rate, the guy’s just going to become meme fodder.

All in all, it’s starting to feel like this show really has no clue where it’s going. It wants to be 1986 but it keeps having to drag along 2008 as if it was the annoying little brother that Mom made it in charge of. It wants to be serious but then we get Otoya doing Otage dancing and echoes of Den-O. I’m going to keep watching as, let’s face it–the alternatives aren’t all that exciting, but I’m not thinking this one’s going to win any awards either.

However, I’m REALLY interested to hear the behind the scenes stories for this one. I think Inoue’s a good writer when he’s not bogged down so there are just some things here that have me wanting to hear both sides.


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