FRIDAY ACE: “Call Out Of The Trailer Montage” Edition – Week of 06/08/08

That does it.

Soulja Boy, listen up. I have had it up to here with the damage your song has done to the world. (If you don’t believe me, valiant readers, look up Japanese Soulja Boy on Youtube. It gets worse.) Everywhere I look, it’s same damn dance over and over again and it’s just ruining everything! The chaos must stop and the only way justice will be served is if I challenge you…to a Duel!

Remember that video? (fast forward to the 2:32 mark) I know you think you are something The Gundam King because of your exploits, therefore if de-throning you will stop the infection then so be it! That’s right: I, Mike Dent, Great Sage-Equal of Heaven, do hear by challenge Soulja Boy to three rounds of Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield, the very game he claimed to be the King of. Should I win, it means that you can never perform that song in any form ever again! Bring it….IF YOU DARE!!!

…Yeah I’m sure he won’t take me up on it. If all else fails, I can try challenging Rain to a dance off…

Anyway, here’s Friday ACE. Not much this week–One big news bit, a slew of trailers, and Fist of the North Star. That’s all you really need.


According to Moon Phase, a new 26 episode anime is in the works, based of the Z(et/Zeus)-Mazinger manga by Go Nagai (of which I have a volume of and can vouch for its awesomeness) and directed by the man behind Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still, G Gundam, and the first three episodes of Change! Shin Getter Robo. Cannot. Fscking. WAIT!

The full trailer for Detroit Metal City came out recently

…And has left me with a burning desire to see this in some form or another. Come on Tokyo Shock, get of your ass and snatch this one up for R1 release!

-While on the subject of trailers, for some reason Verbal from m-flo and Ilmari from Rip Slyme are appearing alongside the likes of Tadanobu Asano in the forthcoming R246 STORY

Is it just me or does it seem completely out of left field when the announcer gets to the bit about the both of them?

Here’s the new GeGeGe No Kitaro flick: The Millenium Curse....

-And yes, I have to mention this: Ghost in the Shell is getting the Special Edition treatment. Only unlike certain directors who have no clue what they’re doing anymore, this isn’t muting out the original.

-Going AWAY from trailers, Inu-Yasha is FINALLY ending.

After 11 years of having no actual ending in sight, Rumiko Takahashi’s “Feudal Fairy-Tale” is actually ending, outlasting its anime series by a couple of years. Now if only Adult Swim would stop showing repeats, I could finally bust out the champagne.

-While on the subject of endings; the parent company for PiQ Magazine, the successor to Newtype USA, has supposedly folded according to this forum headline here. The entry it links to has vanished so I’m guessing we’ll hear something about it on ANN soon enough. I can’t really say anything on this on the moment as:

A.) Anything I do say would be considered biased because, hey, I write for the competition..

B.) Anything said could trigger my bad luck and I suddenly get an email saying that OUSA is folding or something, making the current anime print magazine climate seem a lot like the bit with Axis at the end of Char’s Counterattack. Y’know, the bit with the cannon fodder mobile suits exploding one after the other as they try to repel said giant nuclear asteroid in vain? (Re-enacted here in Another Century’s Episode 3).

…Only there’s no magic deflection of the giant nuke filled asteroid here.

Or C.) One person just dropped the ball and nothing’s wrong, meaning that this bit of the entry will have big strike lines through it after we get confirmation.

In either case, stay tuned folks…

-And the final ending worth mentioning: The wonderful “save point” (to quote Patrick Macias) that is/was Akihabara is becoming paradise lost following the AKB Massacre earlier this week.

From Japan Probe:

Canned Dogs and AkibaBlog back this up with reports of police officers walking around with batons at the ready instead of at their waist and the streets being opened up for vehicular traffic on Sundays and Holidays now. Figures this happens before I move out there -_-

Yes I know it’s a terrible thing that happened but punishing the whole for the crimes of the one has never-I repeat, never worked. I went to a high school where this happened in an attempt to curb supposed violence (which was total BS as it was never brought up until it was convenient to do so) and guess what happened? More people got pissed off, leading to MORE confrontations.

IMO, all the actions right now are just reeking of exploitation. Think about it, the police finally have a pretense to stop those crazy street performers and The Powers That Be can finally get what they’ve wanted for what seems like ages and turn Akiba into HappyWorldLand(tm).

*sigh* Sorry, got worked up there for a sec…..Least there’s Den Den Town in Osaka, right?

-Okay, need something to laugh at. Here’s Harrison Ford with SMAP.


Maybe you could call this a spotlight but hell if this doesn’t deserve it; Masaaki Endoh released a very long awaited solo album this week. The thing that’s got the internet abuzz though–His epic cover of “Go Go Power Rangers”!

EDIT: It’s on Youtube for your sampling pleasure

What are you waiting for? Get the album now?

Honorable Mention:
This week’s recipient of the coveted “Wow, You Sounded Like A Total Douche Just Now” Award

And now, the interesting bits that stayed in the pot after going through the filter…
Ultra Banky Appears! (Hey, Answerman @ ANN)
Kamille Gets Angry When People Don’t Play Their Games (Youtube)
Stephen Colbert VS Japanese Media (Japan Probe)
Japanese Trailer for Machine Girl (Twitch)
Fist of the North Star: Subbed and On Demand (ANN)

That’s it for this week’s ACE. And now, an old man biting a bureaucrat’s chest.


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