FRIDAY ACE: “Prophetic BlackJack” Edition – Week of 06/15/08

You know, Kutabare! Nostradamus remains to be the one Lupin III film that I keep wanting to see but never get the chance to. It also is the most convenient one at the moment as the trailer for Prophecies of Nostradamus, the 1970’s Toho Sci-Fi flick that’s apparently banned in Japan isn’t on Youtube, leaving me unable to make a clever intro to the titular bit of interesting news for this week:

Osamu Tezuka predicted an earthquake.

According to Canned Dogs, northeastern Japan got hit with a 6.9 earthquake on Tuesday at approximately 8:45am. However, a 2ch user pointed out that said earthquake was actually mentioned in Volume 17, page 104 of Tezuka Osamu’s manga, BlackJack, right down to the location. The only thing that was off was the magnitude (the page said it was 7.5).

Now if that isn’t creepy, I don’t know what is. Well actually I do know and it’ll be at the end of this entry. So here we go with this week’s ACE. Unless Tezuka says that I die while typing it.

-So like most things on the news, the Japanese media is still all over the Akiba Massacre, taking every opportunity to breathe onto the embers of the story. Don’t believe me? Well then get a load of this.

Remember how I said that police presence had increased? Well it seems like they’re now on the hunt for copycat killers that don’t exactly exist. Take a case that happened earlier this week; A man was spot checked in Akiba by an officer who happened to find a small swiss-army knife on him. Now in Japan, you can’t have a knife with a blade going past six inches but this blade was only five inches and the man said that he needed it to fix his bike that tends to frequently break down.

Japan Probe spells out the rest of the ordeal:

The man, who was apparently aware of his legal right to carry such a small knife, shrugged off threats of arrest from an officer. He was quickly surrounded by 18 police officers, because a dull-bladed tool knife is supposedly a very serious thing. After spending an hour and half attempting to bully and intimidate the man, the officers allowed him to leave.

…Before he was swarmed by press, asking about what happened. Like I said, just trying to keep that flame alive >_>

-In another bit of disturbing news to come out of this week: As if caught on the wave of the aftermath, the famed “Otaku Murderer”, Tsutomu Miyazaki was finally hung this past Tuesday.

It was this guy that gave otaku a bad name after murdering four underage girls back in the late 80’s, gaining said title after the investigation turned up his stash of hentai and slasher films.

(Interesting side note to that bit: There was a porn stash in the guy’s apartment but there are theories about how the anime/hentai videos that were found were planted to give people a scapegoat. Take that with a grain of salt though as I don’t see that many things that back that up.)

Now I know how I was talking about the possibilities of exploiting the massacre for multiple ends and I’m sure some of you out there want to chalk this up to it. Thing is though, believe it or not, it has nothing to do with incident as he’s been on death row since 1996. Then again it is a bit unsettling when the Ministry of Justice gives the equivalent of “No comment” to a question regarding whether or not the execution finally taking place was because of Miyazaki’s negative image of Otaku and due to the massacre.

I suppose he could be holding back because of the sensitivity of the subject but I’m not here to go on about conspiracy theories and all that. I just want things to go back to normal already.

-Bouncing off of talk of the AKB Massacre, I had made a comment that if all else fails for the otaku of Akiba, there’s always the option of making the Super Platforms from the second Submersion of Japan book. I’ve always thought this was a cool idea in case we run out of land mass and it seems like somebody has the same idea. Only problem is that this may only be for the rich….

Called the Lilypad Project, the idea is to have a series of auto-sufficient amphibious cities by 2011, right around the time when the brains behind the project believe the oceans will rise due to global warming. Problem though is that, like the so-called Freedom Ship, living quarters are going to be quite pricy. Click the pic to check out the full-specs.

-Okay here’s something innovative to lighten the mood. Here’s the first ever morphing car…

Now that’s nice, using that fabric and all to make the car look all stylish and everything, but what’s to stop some jackass with a really sharp knife from cutting it up? I’m sorry BMW, unless that thing is made of a reinforced titanium fabric, I’m not spending one cent on this car.

….With that said, god I cannot WAIT to hear Top Gear rip this one to shreds ^_^

-Pardon the quality but here’s a new trailer for the forthcoming Storm Riders animated movie!

And now, the best review of the new Megazone 23 game for the PS3 that I’ve seen all week:

So, I got the Megazone 23 game.

To the guy who recommended me this- Screw you, cuntface, this game is terrible.

It’s a bad galge with a shit system, stupid load times and horrible voice acting interspersed with a REALLY shitty RPG-ish battle system with retarded load times and shitty graphics.

Even from the point of view of someone who liked Megazone 23 this is shit. No, especially from the point of view of someone who liked Megazone 23 this is shit. It’s fucking rape of the source material a million times worse than Robotech.


Well that’s a good 50 bucks saved. Guess I’ll just go and get a PSP in the meantime for that new Macross game. That and Super Robot Taisen A Portable.

-While we’re in the realm of games, guess who got announced as the next hero for Tatsunoko VS Capcom?!

That’s right folks. The original Space Knight, Tekkaman joins the brawl!

…wait wrong game. This comes with news of Batsu from Rival Schools appearing in this as well. Check out the article on Famitsu for more pics. The cool thing also is that this news comes right after an announcement at the Tokyo Toy Show that revealed that a new Casshern anime is in the works. Check out details here.

And finally, no week would be complete without the traditional Office Nerf War to send you off to the weekend.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now but goddamn, this is worth it; recorded evidence of the evil of cell phones…

Honorable Mention:
It appears I’m not alone in my dislike of Soulja Boy as the one and only Ice T has made the claim that the aforementioned “rapper” has singlehandedly killed hip-hop.

Does this mean that I may have somebody for my team if “SBeezy” decides to take me up on my challenge? Only time will tell…

Now, for the square pegs that didn’t fit into the full set of circles that is this week’s ACE…

Manga-ka gets pissy about Seiyuu (Canned Dogs)
Why You Need To Get Your Billboards Up ASAP (The Sun)
Associated Press Hates Them Blogging Whipper Snappers (Japanator)
Oldboy Fight Choreographer Dies On Set (Twitch)
Tagged AT-AT For Sale (Geekologie)
Epic Piggy Bank is EPIC (Akiba News)

That’s it for this week’s ACE. Now, a man trying to rob a store with a palm frond


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