Reeling from the cliffhanger from this past weekend’s Doctor Who, imagine my further shock when I got wind that the first full PV for Super Robot Taisen Z that was shown at the most recent promo event has gone online! Click the pic above to see for yourself!

In the meantime though, yuijegnan has posted some new revealed details on 4chan. Check them out after the jump.

So Terada said some interesting things regarding SRWZ on Mayonakano Utage festival held on 28th. I’m going to translate the interesting ones, as I want to share the info with all of you

1. King gainer is one of the main parts of the story
2. Xabungle’s story is already done from the beginning of the game
3. Gundam X and Turn A’s story line picked up from the middle
4. Quatro is going to stay
5. You ONLY get Nu Gundam and ReGz from CCA
6. NO MAZINKAISER(also, Terada confirmed that there is no such law as “If there is grendizer, no mazinkaizer”. He says it’s just a coincidence)
7. Gundam X will joing you from the beginning depending on the route
8. Super type is a male, he has a female partner
9. Real type is a female, she is in a three girl group
10. there is going to be a little more than four original characters
11. There is going to be two different prologues for each route. This is because one of them will start in the future while the other one will start from Universal Century
12. There is going to be no Secret unit, but there will be persuadable enemy pilots
13. There is a “secret” system that you might not notice even until you beat the game
14. The game is 85% done, they are already doing debugs and balance management
15. “hey if we use that dimentional bullet from orgus, isn’t it possible to make ALL getters exist in one game?”- That will be horrible, so no
16. 00 is not going to make an appearance in this series. It’s just too hard to put a series that isn’t even done
17. It might be nice to watch the first part of Orgus to prepare for the game
18. no Guilliam
19. They are going to decide on whether to make a sequel or not while they enjoy their vacation at Izu(it’s a place in Japan)

At this rate, I don’t know if I’m going to survive the weekend O_O;


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