WTF at 100 WPM

Couple of random musings:

This has been a depressing week in terms of my viewing schedule. Doctor Who wrapped up on a down note and Code Geass R2′s been getting all the more crazy with a major character death this past week. At least with Geass, I got a shiny new opening theme to make up for it:

Some idiot tried saying that this song, done by FLOW, was better suited for Bleach. Right. >_>

We’re at that time of the year again folks. It’s the annual “Series That We Thought Would Be Cool Turns To Complete Crap” Turnaround.

I’m one episode away from dropping Kamen Rider Kiva entirely as the show fell into the exact same trap that I knew would happen from Day 1 if left unchecked; the Time Jumps shafting out the 2008 storyline and leaving it barely fleshed out and repetitive. I’ll watch the movie, if only to see Otoya as IXA fighting alongside Wataru as confirmed in the photo that spread out online this week.

What the hell is wrong with the frigging internet?

The above video for the Bag Raiders song, “Fun Punch” features stuntwork from BOS-Stunts, based out of Australia. BOS is aiming to make a TV series for the characters you’ve just seen but are looking for sponsors, what better way to get the word out than by appearing in a music video, right?

However, the idiots of the internet are bashing the video, SOLELY because “It’s like Power Rangers” and, according to VH1 MTV everybody’s close-minded older sibling, “Power Rangers Is Gay”. What the fuck?! Yes I know people latch onto the first instance of it that they ever saw but goddamnit people, open your eyes and don’t dismiss it because it reminds you of something.

-Speaking of bitching, everybody’s been whining about the dub for Gurren Lagann….

For those that were there when this was screened at AX, you are allowed an opinion…BUT if you’re just viewing this on the web; You can barely hear the english voices due to the quality of the recording so why would you bitch about something you haven’t full heard yet?

Somebody on /m/ put it best:

…..I don’t know what the fuck you guys are whining about, the dub voices are for the most part perfect for the characters’ personalities (their ACTUAL personalities, not the personalities you give them for your shitty fanfics). Kamina and Kittan are wacky yet inspirational bastards, not stone-cold badasses, Simon’s voice conveys his wussiness perfectly, and you’re just being a contrary asshole if you can find ANYTHING to complain about in Leeron or Nia’s voices. Yoko’s voice sucks, but who gives a fuck about her?

Then again, you guys have been waiting so long to complain about the G-L dub that I doubt you’d let facts get in the way of your waaaaaahmbulances, as evidenced by the fact that you’re basing your criticisms off a shitty-quality vid like that.

Okay, hopefully this weekend won’t prove to be as messed up as this past one and I can refrain from wanting to put my head through a brick wall. Take care all.


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