Animation Revelations

So this week, two rather interesting animated PVs or Promotional Videos hit the net. The first is the Korean-produced animation, Metal Fighter T-Boys:

Slick looking, eh?

According to the summary on Youtube:

Four teens are chosen as Korea’s team T-Boys for the WMF (World Metal Fighters), a martial arts competition using robot figures that sync with the user. Kang-Hoon and his Dangoon use Taekwondo, Cheon Jee-In and her Nakrang are skilled in Hapkido, Jang Gi-ho and his Jangbogo practice Haedong Gumdo, and Yuke Joong-hae with his Gwanggaeto hone their skills in Bulgakdo. The four of them compete with others around the world to see who will win all.

However, the real prize to come from this week: The first trailer for Afro Samurai: Resurrection!

Please let it be worth the wait…


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