If Casshan Can’t Do It, The Engineer Hunter Can

In my rush to get things ready for Otakon, some interesting bits came up:

According to the Otakon Event Schedule, Casshan: SINS, the new Madhouse-animated Casshan anime (that isn’t based off of the movie, thank god) is scheduled for a screening at said convention but a few months in advance of its actual premiere.

I doubt this is a mistake as episodes from the the Casshan TV Series and the Casshan OVA are all being shown over the course of the weekend. That and it makes sense, seeing as Madhouse is doing the opening animation for Otakon this year. The screening is poised for Saturday afternoon at 3:15 PM at Hall D. You know I’m going to be there in full force!

Also on Saturday, the aforementioned episodes of the Casshan TV series are being screened raw from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM, along with the Casshan: Robot Hunter OVA from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM in Video 3. Refer to the maps you get at Registration to figure out where everything is.

Additionally, for you sick and depraved bastards out there, Tokyo Gore Police is slated for a Saturday screening at midnight! Warning, the trailer below is MOST DEFINITELY NSFW

Throw this together with JAM Project and holy crap, Otakon’s going to rock!!!!


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