You Belong! You Belong! You Belong (to the Merry Moron Marching Society)

Now swap out “Marvel” with “Moron” and that sums up my first thought to the following post. Actually, hell I should just make a full blown parody to this song based on my reaction.

(No this isn’t an Anti-Marvel post. Just read already)

Time for an endurance contest. Read this following press release from the Anime Liberation Front-Yes, you’re not losing it, there suddenly is one and they’ve posted this press release. Track how long it takes before you to want to inflict bodily harm on yourself for having to read it:

Corporations and power-tripping otaku ousted, irrelevant

The Anime Liberation Front (ALF) has issued a call to anime fans everywhere to create productive programming, with free access to everyone. No more programming dictated by corporate marketing departments. No more pretending file-sharing doesn’t exist. No more comped badges for minor-league “guests” and their friends, while the rest of us shell out upwards of $65 for a “corporation membership” with no democracy.

Create better programming based on your devotions, not the urge to save on trip costs. Swap media, crafts, food and ideas. Use public space and let anyone and everyone attend, participate, and orchestrate. Exclude nobody. Include everybody. Meet new friends and create something amazing~

The ALF will have its inaugural meeting at Otakon 2008, location and time To Be Announced. Everyone is encouraged to attend, participate, and initiate. Seditious and subversive literature will be distributed. Further information will be posted at ; Discuss your ideal anime convention at our site, on the Otakon boards, on anonymous image boards, or on the long car ride to the con.
The Anime Liberation Front was formed in 2008 in order to address the growing consumerist influences and elitist and authoritarian otakus in the anime scene today. We seek to provide resources and ideas for like minded DIYers to implement and hijack their own conventions.

…..Get the popcorn ready and break out the cameras, this is going to be a hell of a show.


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