Ai No Resistance

Gaia Gear. No, it isn’t the apparel from, it’s something actually better and worthwhile. (Sorry to my readers who are on Gaia, I just can’t get into it.)

Newtype Saga Gaia Gear is a series of novels written by Yoshiyuki Tomino that’s set in the late future of the Universal Century timeline. The Earth Federation has become corrupt after all these years and has created a Manhuter organization, the MHA, to try and dispose of illegal Spacenoid immigrants on Earth. Proving once again that the Feddies are douchebags when it comes down to it, members of the MHA rebel and rename themselves as Metatron. With ship and a slew of new mobile suits (including the titular Gaia Gear) they seek out the legendary memory clone of the legendary Char Aznable to lead them. Thing is, the memory clone, known as Aflanche, has no clue of his true heritage……yet….

Sounds kinda interesting, doesn’t it? Well the problem is that after its initial print run, Sunrise stepped in and retconned it to hell. After all, the series was written before the likes of Gundam F91 and Victory, makes sense to have an interesting take on the timeline…wiped…out…no wait, that sucks! But ever since then, availability of the novels and the radio dramas has been scarce as both have been long out of print. We got lucky awhile back when the good people over at Zeonic Corps uploaded the soundtracks to the Gaia Gear radio drama but even then, it didn’t mean much without the dramas themselves. Unless steps are taken to try and translate the story, the fandom will never see or hear the full story…..

….Until now.

Some kind soul over on /m/chan has uploaded the entire Radio Drama for Gaia Gear. All five CDs collected into 9 mp3 files. Yes, it’s all in Japanese but that means the chances of there being a translation are higher than ever now. If you still want to hear them in the meantime, you’re lucky I’m feeling generous as I’ll posting the links here. Normally, I wouldn’t do this but I’m a firm believer of downloading if the source material is out of print. Check out the links after the jump.

CD 1:
Disc 1 –
Disc 2 –

CD 2:
Disc 1 –
Disc 2 –

CD 3:
Disc 1 –
Disc 2 –

CD 4:
Disc 1 –
Disc 2 –

CD 5:

Thanks again to ws for putting this up.


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