KITT, Transform…and Roll Out?

Alright, after viewing the second episode of Knight Rider, it’s time to unveil the Knight Rider Drinking Game

Take a drink when…
-Somebody fails the Bechdel Test
-Sarah gets scantily clad and/or captured
-KITT transforms into the 4×4 for less than 30 seconds
-KITT pulls a deus ex machina out of his arse
-The show starts to feel like it’s trying too damn hard

Take a shot every time when….
-Somebody spouts off some innuendo
-Zoe spouts off really bad innuendo
-KITT gets deactivated/damaged to the point where he goes offline
-There’s a Trademark Romantic Tension Moment between Mike and Sarah

Slight improvement but otherwise, it’s still crap. Three more to go before I jump ship. In the meantime, next week is At the Beach! What does this mean for you? More stuff for the drinking game :P


One thought on “KITT, Transform…and Roll Out?

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