Cause I found your love, YEAH!

Rescue Force, I love you.

Seriously, if your physical incarnation was that of a really cute yet under-appreciated Japanese girl, I would have already married you BY NOW. Because that what you are, Rescue Force…though you’re a TV show….and you can’t marry television….

I always keep saying to people that the reason why I feel Rescue Force has surpassed the Big Two is that it’s not in the midst of an identity crisis; It knows what it is and doesn’t think its anything but, leading to an incredible old school vibe that hopefully won’t be washed out by commercialism in the end. (*coughRYUKENDOcough*)

I mean come on, you’ve seen the picture of the clusterfsck combination from Go-Onger….Now stack that against THIS:

Is that….Why I do believe it IS a mech introduction that actually had me on the edge of my seat! What makes it greater is that unless you got a hold of the recent toy catalog scans, you didn’t see it coming. It’s the first mech payoff I’ve seen…well…ever. Closest thing would be TurboBuilder from Turboranger where the base ended up becoming the end-all final resort…

And if you need further evidence of Rescue Force doing it right, they’re getting a freaking movie! With Hiroshi “IMA RIP OUT YOUR SOUL WITH MY RIDER PUNCH” Fujioka as a guest star! Sure this just sounds like the biggest bout of fanboy squeeing but big deal! I’m excited for a Tokusatsu series again after what seems like forever! *flails*

….Watch, five episodes from now they screw it up -_-


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