FRIDAY ACE: “Obama 13” Edition – Week of 11/09/08

I know, I didn’t do an election based entry. Insert Goth Excuse For Not Conforming Here. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t post-election gems that don’t slip past my eyes. Such as this:


“Obama vs. The Assassins: The Sniper Battle Has Begun!”

The above image comes from an ad for a forthcoming issue of the magazine, “Weekly Playboy”, and it’s got a lot of people pissed. In a way, you could interpret it was the people behind the mag being assholes and saying that Obama won’t make it out of his first term alive. On the other hand, am I the only one that suddenly thinks that it sounds more like a badass movie trailer? Hell, I even think Obama could take ’em….with a little help by the legendary sniper of snipers.

I mean hell, if it worked for Nelson Mandela… ^^

Okay fine, I’ll stop before I piss somebody else off. And now, this week’s Friday ACE.

-First off, we’re getting a Dance Dance Revolution Musical! Now before you cower in terror as this drudges up bad memories of that DDR-themed ripoff of Dance 360 that was on CBS awhile back, check out the plot:

From Games Daily

The comedic musical stage production depicts a futuristic Orwellian society where dancing is illegal. That’s until a prophet named Moonbeam Funk shows up to motivate a group of street thugs with dance skills. Promotions for the play cite that the play is loosely inspired by the game, features a Footloose appeal, buckets of free beer, and a cast of “40 really attractive, barely-clothed young actors.”

Damnit, why don’t we get the good stuff like this in Wisconsin?! Coming from the minds behind A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant and President Harding Is A Rock Star, Dance Dance Revolution opens December 3rd and runs to the 20th. Check out the site for more info.

4Kids announced the end of their Fox Network programming block. Wow. What a shocker. Actually, I do genuinely feel bad as I kinda know somebody who works on one of the shows in the block. Here’s hoping a few of the good shows find new homes.

-So holy crap, SPEED is coming back!

Entitled “Ashita no Sora”, this new single came out this week and is definitely worth the wait. Some people are whining because of the tone of the song but damn if this comeback isn’t awesome. Coupled with news of Do As Infinity re-uniting, this has been a good year for fans of 90’s J-Pop. Now all we need is news of Malice Mizer suddenly reuniting with Gackt and doing an X-Japan-ish concert tour.

-Speaking of X-Japan, their major world tour is cancelled…AGAIN!


From Tokyograph:
Reunited rock band X Japan has once again changed its concert plans. The group was scheduled to perform a show in Paris on November 22, but it has now been postponed until next year. Two Christmas concerts at the Saitama Super Arena on December 24 and 25 have also been pushed into 2009.

Okay, guys, I appreciate your holding the concert back on account of you wanting to reveal that you’re doing a Chicago concert for me but the fans can’t take it! If you keep on delaying this potentially epic world tour, J-Rock fangirls are going to start holding ritual sacrifices! Sure that’d at least quell the teenyboppers* and again, I know you’d do it for me, but I can’t risk the lives of the fandom. Please guys, sort this out soon!

*DISCLAIMER: Mike does not wish death upon any J-Rock fangirl of any sort…though he does wish the really hyperactive ones would just calm down and stop screaming in his ear ^^

-Remember Crows ZERO? You know, that movie that people in Japan should have watched instead of Resident Evil: Extinction?

Not only is it getting a sequel next year, it’s getting a manga!

…Hey wait, isn’t it supposed to be the prequel to Crows?!

From ANN:

Manga artist Kenichirō Naitō will adapt Takashi Miike’s hit Crows Zero prequel movie back into the manga format. Naitō will be working off Shogo Muto’s film script and [Hiroshi] Takahashi’s original concepts, and his Crows Zero manga will launch in this year’s 50th issue of Young Champion on November 13.

While I wish the original author could just go back himself and do it, this is still pretty exciting. In the meanwhile, Crows ZERO is going to be released on R1 DVD by Media Blasters. Cannot wait!

-Want an excuse to go see Bolt and/or Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa without your kid sibling or girlfriend? Get this–The teaser trailer for Imagi’s CGI Astro Boy flick is attached to both flicks.


Sure you could wait and see it on Apple trailers but if you’re really impatient this weekend, you’ll go see it regardless. Besides, I heard Bolt was kinda cool.

-And finally, damn if some of the Onyanko Club alumni haven’t had the greatest of luck in the past couple of years.

For the unenlightened, the Onyanko Club was the pre-cursor to Morning Musume whose producer gladly ripped off of the former’s concept and made tons of money off of it. J-Drama fanatics may know them from their appearances on the second season of Sukeban Deka. Here for you now is a medley of some of their songs:

Anyway, one of the members-turned Enka singer, Sanae Jonouchi got implicated in accidentally hitting an American cyclist this week…

According to Tokyograph, while driving in Tokyo’s Minato ward on the evening of November 6, she was exiting an alleyway to get onto a main road. While doing this, a woman on a bicycle was approaching and…yeah…and the two collided.

Thankfully the cyclist isn’t hurt too badly but here’s hoping she doesn’t decide to take part in America’s favorite pastime and sue her. This isn’t the first crap thing to happen to an alumni of the legendary girl group; Minayo Watanabe got in a nasty car accident last year:

Again, from Tokyograph:

Watanabe was driving alone in Shibuya on Wednesday afternoon after taking one of her children to cram school. She was stopped at a red light when she was rear-ended by a van driven by a man in his 30s.


For further reading on the group, check out their wiki page.

Just watch this trailer. Not safe for work by any means but it kinda speaks for itself…

Honorable Mention:
This award-winning description of how much of a trainwreck Twilight is:

“Well, you know how everyone has to watch a train wreck? Well imagine if that train fell onto a hospital, and then the hospital caught on fire, and then an airplane was attracted by the flames and flew into it as well, blowing up, and then out of nowhere Godzilla showed up and started stomping on things, and just when you think it can’t get WORSE, the Enterprise shows up with Picard and starts shooting at Godzilla. And that is how I can read it, BECAUSE YOU GOTTA KNOW IF PICARD CAN KILL GODZILLA.”

I don’t know who originally said this but whoever you are, you made my night.

And now, the rest:
Got 2 Million Dollars Burning In Your Pocket? The Alamo Drafthouse Wants You
Wanna beat Sazae-san at Rock-Paper-Scissors? Here’s How (Japan Probe)
World Wikipedia Search Results: Is Japan Really Obsessed About Anime? (Danny Choo)

That’s it for this week’s Friday ACE. And now, take it away shing02!


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