Together We Can Fight The Fight (Or Mike’s Quickie Dragon Knight Review)


So Kamen Rider Dragon Knight‘s sneak preview has come and gone. Was going to live blog it but I realized how many people on Twitter would want me dead. As such, I’m going to just do a pros and cons blurb.

The Cast: For delivering the performances that I knew they were good for. Matt Mullins almost steals the show for me with his stoic badassery. Also, Surprise Victoria Jackson FTW.

Action Sequences: With the current Heisei Rider trend of “less fighting, more angsty”, it’s nice to see some decent civilian action in a Kamen Rider series again.

The Opening Theme: It’s been awhile since a kids/teens show theme has gotten me pumped about the series itself. It’s simple and repetitive but it does the job. Also, if you liked it, you can download it here via HJU’s new Podbean channel…thing.

Standalone Factor: It really felt that I was watching a completely different show that’s impossible to stack against the original. For that, I give the crew of KRDK a HUGE thumbs up.

Nothing too serious, just a few little quips….

The Opening Title Sequence: Sorry guys, the backgrounds were fine, it’s just the static actions of all the Riders doesn’t get me as pumped as the theme itself does.

Ride Shooters – We got a glimpse of the entry transformation in the promos but for some reason, Wing Knight’s Ride Shooter from Ryuki made it into the final confrontation of the first episode. I can imagine it’d be a pain in the ass to have to redo it and, yes, it was a badass moment in the original but otherwise, I wish we could have been without them.

Rushed?: Again, in the final fight, it all came and went too quickly. A couple of beats here and there could have helped.

The Sneak Preview Itself: I agree with a statement somebody made on HJU, to get the real effect, we should have gotten maybe the first two episodes as opposed to just the first one. Then again, that’s probably more of the inner child wanting more of the show and in that case, I think it’s a job well done :P

Last but not least.
The Advertising Puns: This made me shudder a bit -_-

All in all, all I can say is this: January 3rd couldn’t come any quicker. I’m hooked. Things are off to a good start and I’ve got the upmost confidence that Dragon Knight will ride the momentum out of the park.

Oh, no pun intended.


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