Zeta Incarnate

So as a belated Christmas present, a friend of mine got me the gift that kept on giving….If by giving, you mean giving me a reason as to why most of my weekend just flew past my head. The present in question? None other than this guy….


That’s right it’s the 1/100 scale Master Grade model of Zeta Gundam, quite possibly my favorite anime mech of all time.  I’ve yet to line it or add decals but I’m still happy with the progress thus far.  Full write up coming tomorrow….after I get some sleep.



2 thoughts on “Zeta Incarnate

  1. One of these days I’ll get off my ass and build one of these. I think I could pull it off now, but my model building days of yore did not go so well. That looks amazing.

  2. I love the Zeta. I don’t know about absolute favorite anime mech, but it’s up there. I’d really like the MG of the Zeta and the Amuro-custom Zeta.

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