Unleash the Vintage of Justice! KAMEN RIDER G!

I know I haven’t really been that reliable in regards to Tokusatsu news as of late, blame that on life and various other reasons. However, to atone for this I bring you the following: A clip from the long-awaited special starring Goro Inagaki, Kamen Rider G!

To recap, this a short done for TV Asashi’s 50th anniversary. For the celebration, the legendary Japanese pop group, SMAP, did a special where they revived various shows or took original spins on them. Aside from a revival of Beat Takeshi’s legendary comedy show D-1 Grand Prix, member Goro Inagaki took things one step further and created his own original Kamen Rider parody.

Co-starring with the likes of Yumiko Shaku (Godzilla X Mechagodzilla, 009-1), Goro fulfills his life-long dream of being a Kamen Rider by playing a member of a [Insert Shocker-like Evil Organization Here] who switches sides during a raid on the TV Asahi building. Best part is that his memory is jogged after sipping a glass of wine. I cannot make this up…Because he is POWERED by a special wine vintage!

While it’s a parody, it’s played so straight that any bad puns can just roll off. Goro does a fantastic job and leaves you wishing that G was this year’s Kamen Rider in place of Decade. I almost want this too, solely because he’s the first actor over the age of 19 to in the past few years to assume the role of a Rider! Take a hint from this Asahi/Toei! Enough with the pretty boys already!

The thing is though that it is open ended enough that there could BE a follow-up. Guess all we can do is hope and wait…which has sort of been a running motif lately. Patience be damned -_-


One thought on “Unleash the Vintage of Justice! KAMEN RIDER G!

  1. I like how retro the costume looks. A scarf would fit in well, except it might block part of the G that’s to be prominently shown.

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