The Targeted City Opera Hall (Or “The Return of a Legend”)

If you find yourself in Japan around March 13th and you’re an Ultra fan, don’t waste a moment and order tickets for “Toru Fuyuki CONDUCTS Ultraseven”.


For the unaware, Fuyuki is a legend of the franchise, having done musical work for numerous Showa era Ultra Series including Ultraseven, Ultraman Ace, Leo and Ultraman 80, and also other TPC shows like Mirrorman and Fireman. It was actually him that was responsible for the iconic “Wandaba” chorus that’s heard in so many shows! Now, he’s back conducting the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra for a night of live renditions of Ultraseven’s legendary soundtrack.

The show will be March 13th at 7PM at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. You can order tickets here which start at 5,000 yen. Don’t allow yourself to miss this if you have the opportunity!

In the meantime, Tsburaya’s posted a two-part interview with Fuyuki on their Youtube channel.


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