Japanese blog, Bonaparte’s Rocket Punch, recently uploaded the following scan:


Nope, this isn’t fake. This isn’t one elaborate 2ch hoax. THIS IS IT! THE FIRST GLIMPSE AT Z MAZINGER! More info after the jump!

EDIT – Another leaked scan added. Official site for Shin Mazinger is now open! http://www.shin-mazinger.com


Apparently, this wasn’t supposed to be out until this Tuesday’s issue of Figure-Oh but all the same, the cat is out of the bag. Here’s the supposed staff based on comments from Moon Phase.

Original Creators: Go Nagai & Dynamic Planning
Director & Scenario: Yasuhiro Imagawa
Character Design: Shinji Takeuchi
Mechanichal Design: Tsuyoshi Nonaka (Bandai)
Music: Akira Miyagawa
Animation Production: BEEMEDIA-Code

Now the director announcement is surprising, considering rumors of how Imagawa apparently walked off of the project. (Yes, the initial rumor sounded unbelievable but considering how it already happened once before….) As much as I loved the original director for Godannar who was rumored to take his place, it’ll be great having Imagawa in the director’s chair again. Guess we can take it as a hint that 2ch loves to put drama into the mix!

News of BEEMEDIA involved with animation also has me excited as they are Nagai veterans, having done the animation for New Getter Robo, Shin VS Neo Getter, and the Mazinkaiser OVA series. With the manga-like depictions of Kouji and Sayaka, I can’t wait to see how the rest of it is going to look.

As for the cast (which you can now find on ANN), the revelation doesn’t make me wince that much.Then again, I haven’t heard any of them in anything, save for the Narrator anyways who was frigging Aldebarran from Saint Seiya (AKA one of my favorite characters in the whole series)! With the new characters that are listed, it’s still unknown if we are getting hints of Grendizer or not. All I could hope for is an animated re-enactment of The Greatest Evil Plot Ever from the Grendizer manga…


That’s right. The Vegans were so evil they kidnapped every freaking person from Duke’s life and strapped them onto a kidnapped Great Mazinger. God, I love Go Nagai.

Honestly, the only worry I could have right now is that of the music. The composer they’ve got slated for this has only done one series so it’s anybody’s guess if he’s going to be the second coming of Shunsuke Kikuchi or not. Apparently, there has been something on Kageyama Hironobu’s blog about his being giddy for a secret project. I would hope that this would mean a Ichiro Mizuki-led JAM Project opening theme on par with the awesomeness that was STORMBRINGER for Kotetsushin Jeeg

It’s kind of a requirement at this point for JAM Project to grace us with a musical presence for Nagai-related works. If we end up with some crap J-Pop debut single for an opening theme, they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot.

Right now, I’m just waiting on an air-date and a trailer to calm my fears. I refuse to believe that we’d live in a time where somebody could royally mess up a Mazinger series. It’d be like failing at gym and having to take remedial recess! I hate how we have to wait for all the good things as of late but until then, that’s all we can do.

In the meantime, here’s Miku Hatsune singing “Mazinkaiser”…


One thought on “Z MAZINGER IS REVEALED! (Kinda)

  1. So psyched for new Mazinger. I’ve only seen Mazinkaizer (OVA and movie), and it was great. Although I do like the original Koji Kabuto voice, hopefully the new guy will have a good, hot-blooded voice.

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